Thursday, July 23, 2009

PRESIDENT YAHRYA Jammeh has succeeded in turning Gambia into a burial place for human rights.

Over the years, Journalists and Ghanaians staying in Gambia have disappeared, been murdered or arrested and detained for no apparent reason.

Lots of Journalists have escaped into exile and those living in the country are practicing self-censorship as means of preventing arrests.

Yahya Jammeh, President of Gambia, is a disgrace to Africa as a whole. Press freedom is just not visible in that country. He claims he will stay in power for over 1,000years. Many Gambians believe their president will never be defeated through elections.

It was very difficult to believe that these inhuman atrocities were going on in African until a Journalist from Gambia came out to bravely confirm the whole story and added that what the world knew under rated.

He also gave instance where Journalists including Deyda Hydara (a critic of the Jammeh’s administration) and Omar Barrrow were shot and killed by security agents.

He also added that others had been arrested and detained incommunicado for long periods without charge and those who are charged were not given fair trials by the courts.

Chief Ebrima Manneh, a reporter of a pro- government Daily Observer, was arrested on April10,2006 by the notoriously feared National Intelligence Agency (NIA) and up till now, the government denied holding him and has not made any effort to find his whereabouts despite an eyewitness accounts of his arrest at the newspaper's premises in Gambia.

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Other Journalist including Lamin Fatty, a Journalist was convicted for publishing “false information” and until his conviction, he was held for 63 days without court order or charge. When he could not immediately pay the fine imposed on him by the court, he was detained again.

The publisher of Foroyaa, Halifa Sallah, who was invited by the NIA to post a bail bond for Journalists arrested for defaming Jammeh, was detained overnight and released without charge. All these facts were brought to light willingly by the Journalist for Gambia.

Innocent citizens, according to the Journalist, are accused for being witches and wizards and arrested for coming out after hearing loud drum beats.

“The drumming is alleged to attract witches and wizards who are fighting against the government,” he explained.

After all these inhuman activities, our African leaders sit with him and allow him to be a member of the African Union and yet do nothing about the current situation.

He continued to say that foreigners also have their fair share of the abuse. Forty four were allegedly murdered out of fifty arrested Ghanaian and were killed by Gambian soldiers who claimed they thought the Ghanaian migrants were hired insurgents brought into the country to topple President Jammeh.

This issue give fellow Journalists around the world a very important duty to monitor the affairs of Journalists in Gambia and also make sure this human abuse and blood sheared is stop.
How can a fellow normal human being do such thing to other humans in the name of power? Journalist, lets fight this mad man with our pens.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


ST. THOMAS Acquinas senior high school held its 57th speech and prize giving day with the theme “Empowering the Youth, through Quality Education”.
The event was commenced with an Art exhibition by the school’s visual art department. The school’s Cadet together with the Police Band entertained the guests, parents and dignitaries who were present.
The dignitaries included Ernestina Naadu Mills, the first lady of the Republic of Ghana and the special guest for the occasion, the deputy minister of education, Hon. Joseph Anan, Ransford Tetteh, the president of the Ghana Journalist Association, an old student and also the editor of the Daily Graphic, Mr. John A.Larkai, a lawyer and the P.T.A President of the school.
The senior boys’ prefect, Benjamin Yeboah gave a speech which was followed by the Headmaster, who also gave a report. In his report, he stated that the school’s science resource centre bus has been shut down for over 2years now. He also stated that that was not only excelling in academics but in sports as well, explaining further, he said the school’s basketball team emerged as regional champions
Speaking the occasion the Guest speaker, Ernestina Naadu Mills stated that the youth forms a large proportion of therefore they need to be given quality education to enable them make sound choices, also she urged the youth to see Ghana as a unitary state but not a tribal state.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Fuel rationing in Accra

By : Bismarck Nii Ogbamey Tetteh
The recent fuel shortage in Accra has resulted in some drivers to join long winding queues just to be able to get fuel in their vehicles so they can go on with their daily duties.
Some fuel stations in Accra have to devices ways and means to serve each and every one of their customers and for that matter some of these ways include fuel rationing. People are not able to buy exactly the amount of fuel they need because others also have to be served.
Sky petroleum, a fuel filling station around East Legon this morning around 6am, witnessed long queues of cars at the station. The queues were so long that they had to take part of the road. Anxious drivers waited patiently in the queues only to be told that the fuel station was rationing the fuel and each vehicle owner could buy a maximum amount of GHC 20 of fuel.
Some commercial driver also device smart ways of buy more than what they were told they could buy. What they did was to join the queue and then find gallons. They first filled their gallons then joined then continued with the queues so they could buy more than the GHC 20 worth of fuel they were told they could buy. Others also come with their friends and siblings and give them gallons; these drivers join the queues and allow their friends or siblings to buy them the fuel using the gallons so they can also get enough fuel for their cars.
The bottom line is most of these driver said they wished by the end of today, the fuel rationing situation would be resolved so they will wake up in the morning not only thinking of how to beat hectic traffic in Accra and how to get feed their families but also how to queue for long hours just to get fuel.

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