Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Many scientists believe that most of the things in this world go through some form of evolution or the other. Over the years, robbery has taken many forms like armed robbery, snatching and robbing in taxis.

Behold a new era of robbery has emerged. In these recent times where mobile phones are the order of the day, people will give anything to possess them. Since demand for the mobile phones are high, these criminals have taken it upon themselves to rob Peter just to pay Paul.

They started picking them from innocent victims' pockets and bags, developed on that and started snatching the phone from their victims. Another development was made and this time they started attacking victims with guns, machete and razor blades.

This new form of robbery is yet another development which employs very powerful tools, so powerful that it is very difficult to defeat them.

These criminals wait till their victims are asleep at night, then they cut the neat on their windows and place a very sticky substance on a pole which gives the access to most of the things in their rooms from hand bags, wallets, dresses, money and mobile phones.

The ultimate tool they employ here is sleep. Since it is very difficult to stay up through the whole night till the next morning, every one is at risk.

A lot of victims have lost their phones, money, and other valuables to this new type of robbery. The question is, how are we going to help the police fight these criminal activities?

Speaking to a Crime Investigation Department Officer, he admitted that the police were aware of this type of robbery. He disclosed that it is because of this type of robbery that the Ghana Police are against the sales of 'second hand' phones.

These 'second hand' phone vendors in a way promote the stealing of mobile phone. He added that he was sure citizens were aware that regular exercises are conducted to smoke out those vendors who promote the phone theft.

Possibliy when the national identification system (NIS) goes through it will be easy for the police to curb this crime.since with the NIS, there will be a database on very one, it will speed up the finger print analyses process.

Even though this will not completely stop this activity, it will be better for all not to leave their phones or any valuables around or on their beds whiles sleeping.

Let as help ourselves to help achieve a better Ghana for all.

Bismarck Nii Ogbamey Tetteh.


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