Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The face of the Enoch Lamptey-Mills was beaming with smiles when he heard all charges against him had been dropped by the Attorney-General on Tuesday.
The Proprietor of the Great Lamptey-Mills was immediately released from police custody following the withdrawal of the case against him by the office Attorney-General’s.

His lawyer Bannerman Williams revealed that Lamptey-Mills was released in court without any reasons from the A-G's office.

However, information reaching indicates that the A-G's office withdrew of the case, follows claims by the alleged victim and principal witness in the case, Priscilla Adjei that she was not raped but consented to sex with the accused.

Priscilla was supposed to be a minor when she got pregnant; resulting in a child for who she says Lamptey-Mills is caring for.

commenting on the release, she said “Yeah I am very happy that he is coming home, in fact we are all happy here and we are celebrating for his home coming because he did nothing wrong and justice has prevailed so we are all happy. He is okay, I spoke with him and he said everything is a challenge”.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Monday, August 16, 2010

Last season, a Kessben FC player collapsed during a league match and died hours after he was rushed to the hospital.

Thus, the Premier League Board (PLB) has informed all the Premier League football clubs that they will be granted player registration cards only if they provide medical certificates for each player.

All the sixteen football clubs in the Premier League agreed at a congress held in March this year to conduct medical check-ups for each player listed for the season.

However, majority of the clubs are failing to comply with the directives.

The Chief Executive of Brong Ahafo (BA) Stars, Mr. Takyi Arhin was quoted by the local media as saying “the exercise was increasing clubs’ cost.”

The next season for the league is scheduled to commence on 5th September, 2010.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

After former President Kufour openly denied ever having an affair with Gizele Yazji on Tuesday 10 August, she has fired back at Mr Kufour, insisting that he is the father of her twins.
Madam Yajzi, the lady who made the headlines in 2006 when she claimed she had an affair with Mr Kufour and as a result, was the mother of his twins, accused Kufour and his family of setting up offshore companies and opening bank accounts in some countries.
Although, Mr Kufour was cleared by CHRAJ of all the allegations in 2006, he never commented publicly on the matter until Tuesday, August 10 2010, when he emphatically denied the long-standing allegations by Madam Yazji.
In an interview with Ms Yazji on the day after, she accused Mr Kufour of not only fathering her twins but also having several affairs with other women on daily basis 7 years ago. And called him a “promiscuous man”
"He is very promiscuous, for example I knew that he had a relationship with some woman who worked with him. He did it every day; I think the only woman who did not have a relationship with him was his wife, because she was too old for him." She said.
According to Ms Yazji, Mr Kufour’s promiscuous habit even forced his wife, Theresa to ask for divorce some time ago.
She denied ever having any business dealings with former Finance Minister Osafo Marfo on the Hotel Kufour saga, although she said the former Oda MP knew about her pregnancy for Mr Kufour.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Executive Chairman of Kumasi Asante Kotoko FC, Dr Kofi K. Sarpong has tasked the newly inducted members of the Kotoko Communications Limited Board to work around the clock to ensure that Kotoko Express Newspaper comes out next week.
Dr. Sarpong made this known at a ceremony to inaugurate a 7-member board to take charge of the communications affairs on the sporting club at the Ghana International Press Centre on Thursday.
He noted that the Kotoko Express newspaper was established about a decade ago thanks to Hebert Mensah but unfortunately, the state of the newspaper is a sad one.
“The board of Asante Kotoko FC decided to pull the newspaper from newsstands and restructure it.that is the main reason why for some weeks now, readers have not seen the paper on newsstands,” he said.
He stated that today marked the inauguration of an effective board to run the affairs of the newspaper that will bring the paper back by next week.
“The board of the sporting club expects to Asante Kotoko communications Limited to bring up Asante Kotoko TV and radio,” he added.
He explained that the Asante Kotoko Communications Limited is a subsidiary to Asante Kotoko FC and that new board will autonomous to the parent Asante Kotoko FC.
“The new board will run their own accounts so that the can be held responsible for their affairs,” he noted.
He introduced the members of the board as follows: Kabral Blay Amihere as Chairman of the board, Ebo Afful, Ken Bediako, Kweku Sekyi Addo, Kojo Addai Mensah and Nuamah Fameye.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A six member Committee made up of representatives from the Association of Ghana Industries (AGI), the Public Utility Regulatory Commission (PURC) and Trade Union Congress (TUC) has been formed with the aim of reviewing utility tariffs.
The decision was arrived at after a two-hour meeting between the AGI, TUC, PURC and the Vice President, John Dramani Mahama.
The meeting was held to find long-lasting solutions to the disagreement that came up as a result of the new tariffs that were announced in June this year.
During the meeting, there were a lot of deliberations some of which include whether the government should use added taxes to subsidies increased tariffs or try to convince the PURC to reduce the prices
John Dramani Mahama disclosed today that he has already met the utility companies twice and also met the PURC once to find an amicable solution after being given the mandate by President Mills to help resolve the issue.
After a the meeting, the Vice President noted that based on new proposals that came up during the meeting, there was the need for stakeholders to further deliberate on the issue to come out with a negotiation for mutual benefit.
He asked all stakeholders to be patient and hoped that the committee would come out with productive solutions to the stalemate that exists among the concerning parties.
The membership of the committee was made up of two individuals from PURC, TUC and AGI.
They are expected to, within a week come out with recommendations in which the government would be the mediator.

The Communication Director at the presidency Kofi Anyidoho, during an interaction with the Press over the weekend confirmed that the President, John Evans Atta Mills is preparing to go on leave.
He said that the date for the commencement of the two weeks leave would be announced anytime soon.
While on leave, Mr. Anyidoho noted that President Mills plans to spend part of his leave in Ghana and the other part in the United States of America.

He also emphasized that President’s leave was not going to affect government affairs in anyway. “Though President Mills will be away from office for a while, he would constantly be in touch to give instructions on issues concerning the country” he said.
In an attempt to explain why the President needs to take a break, Mr. Anyidoho explained that the Judiciary takes its legal vacation whiles Parliament also goes on recess annually and therefore it is right for President to also to take a break once in a while. “After using the time to cool off, President Mills will come back refreshed and fully energized to continue running the affairs of the country” he said.
About a year and a half ago since President Evans Atta Mills resumed office, his upcoming leave would be his first and he looks forward to spend each day trying to think about his Better Ghana Agenda.

The Enchi District Police Commander, DSP Isaac Akligbe is preparing to charge Nana Yaw Asaasewura, a radio presenter at Trikie FM in Enchi for spreading false information against NADMO officials.
DSP Isaac Akligbe said that the presenter failed to provide evidence to back his claim that these NADMO officials have diverted relieve items to their girlfriends.
He went ahead to caution broadcasters against such unguarded statements, adding that “the police has great respect for the media and would not want to enforce the long arm of the law on media personnel.”
He advised presenters and broadcasters to cross check their facts before putting it across to listeners.
Nana Yaw was arrested last week following his comments against the NADMO officials after rumors emerged that some people did not receive some of the relieve items.
The regional minister confirmed the fact that some people did not receive the relieve items because items was not enough after touring the flood areas.
However Nana Yaw Asaasewura, the presenter thinks his human right is being trampled upon.

The Chief Psychiatrist at the Accra Psychiatric Hospital, Dr. Akwasi Osei has disclosed that excessive consumption of strong alcoholic drinks like Akpeteshi, Gin and Whiskey causes epilepsy.

He made this known in an interview on Adom FM, explaining that heavy drinking is the major contributing factor leading to epilepsy in the Ghana.
Dr. Akwasi Osei further explained that when people get drunk and fell, they normally hit their head on the ground and this could damage their brain.
He therefore cautioned the entire public to take alcoholic drinks that have nutritional value and are good for the body. “You can drink palm wine or red wine once in a while because it is good for the body”, he said.
In another development, a consulting Naturopath at the Good Life Natural Health Clinic, David Nii Amankwa Addo admitted to a reporter that strong alcoholic drinks such as ‘Akpeteshi’, Gin, Whiskey and other highly spirited drinks causes severe damage to the human body, blood and brain.
He also cautioned that these strong alcoholic drinks can cause brain damage, which can lead to epilepsy and madness .He therefore advised that people should not be habitual drinkers because it can affect their brains and their body as a whole.

Zuleika Lorwia, the former Information Minister’s wife has won a case against the Bureau of National Investigation (BNI) in which she was accused of assault and forceful retrieval of items from a public officer.

However, she was found liable for verbal assault.

The charges were leveled against her after she allegedly fought officers of the BNI when they attempted to prevent her husband, Asamoah-Boateng and the family from leaving the country.

The Asamoah-Boateng’s were being investigated for causing financial loss to the state in the award of an 86,000 Ghana cedi refurbishment contract to Plexicom, a company belonging to Zuleika’s sister.

Judge Adwoa Coleman acquitted and discharged Zuleika of the first two charges but cautioned her on the last charged.

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