Monday, March 18, 2013

Sensational musician of Ghanaian-Romanian parentage, Wanlov Da ‘Kubolor’  has told Nii Ogbamey Tetteh he is a gospel musician even though he happily showed his naked hairy penis to TV and radio presenter, Delores Frimpong Manso on her celebrity talk show, ‘Delay’, and sparked a record controversy.

Kubolor said he and his partner M3nsa are gospel musicians although their group, ‘FOKIN Bois’, is noted for profanity in several songs.

The ‘thank God we are not a Nigerians’ hit maker, in an exclusive interview with News One, pointed out that the word gospel is derived from the Old English word gōd-spell which means “Good News or Good Spell”, which is expected to make people happy.

Therefore since the lyrics in the FOKN Bois’ songs make their listeners happy, they are in one way or the other doing gospel music.
“The word Gospel is a general word that had nothing to do with Christianity until after the death of Christ when Christians adopted the word.

“A lot of people have tried to chastise or rebuke people with their songs but it doesn’t work.
We the FOKN Bois on the other hand, use the secondary school approach where you tease people so hard that they stop certain bad habits,” Kubolor explained.
The FOKN Bois are noted all over the world for their unique pidgin music and the kind of humor they attach to their music.

Some time ago, the single ‘thank God we are not a Nigerians’ was a hit song in Ghana, Nigerian and beyond because of its comical nature.
Since showing his penis on Delay’s show, Wanlov says he had released an apology song he calls Kote Duroi to all who felt offended by his act.

Wanlov also hinted News One that he, together with his music partner Mensa, was in the studio working on the second chapter of the movie ‘Coz of Moni’.

The ‘Cos of Moni’ movie, upon its release in 2010, was described by movie lovers as the world’s first ever pidgin movie and Ghana’s first original music satire movie.


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