Thursday, October 9, 2014

Nino with BBC’s Sophie Ikenye
Upcoming Ghanaian opera singer, Nino, has added his own flavour to the genre, making opera music more contemporary.

Nino, who recently appeared on BBC Focus on Africa, stated that growing up, his father used to play a lot of classical and opera music which challenged him to add “a touch of Africanism’ to the genre.

“Basically, I was brought up in a home that really appreciates good music. My daddy used to play opera and classical music at home; so if you didn’t even love it, you got to listen to and appreciate it. It reached a point I just decided to challenge myself with opera and also add a touch of Africanism to it to make it more contemporary,” he told Sophie Ikenye on BBC.

Opera music is an art form in which singer and musicians perform a dramatic work combining text (called a libretto) and musical score, usually in a theatrical setting. It also incorporates many of the elements of spoken theatre, such as acting, scenery, costumes and sometimes dance.

Nino disclosed that he is able to blend opera music with palm wine, salsa and other local genres into a new genre he calls ‘Nuslam’ music.

“Nuslam is my music genre. It is more like a synchronisation of genres like opera blended with palm wine music or salsa music,” he added.

It is amazing how Nino was able to sing this genre of music so effortlessly and also in about seven languages including French and Italian.

“In Ghana opera music is picking up gradually because we are not really exposed to it but I think with time, they will get to appreciate it. Opera music is meant for good listeners and good music appreciators,” he said.

Ghana is lucky to have such a young musician like Nino to put such a unique style of music on the world’s music map.


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