Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Celebrated Ghanaian rapper Obrafour has expressed worry over the rate at which some young artistes release songs that follow the imaginary trend that DJs create.

According to Obrafour, his experience in the industry has taught him that music is not only about dancing, therefore it is better for a musician to sit back and write songs that are from his heart rather than rushing to put out songs that follow DJs’ trend.

“If I have to speak in general, most of the time what I see is that if a new trend arises then a lot of people begin to follow it because they think they can get a hit from there. A lot of the time too, you can apportion some of the blame to the DJs who play the songs. The DJs want a tempo which, if they mix the songs, will fall in place. Sometimes they find it difficult to play a slow tempo song and mix it with an up-tempo beat.

“This influences most musicians to produce songs that fall in the line. For me, I think it is a mistake that most of them do. Most of the time, music is not only about dancing. In my opinion, I think it is better to sit back and plan your songs before you release them, but not to come out in a rush,” he stated on Peace FM’s Entertainment Review.

Born Kwabena Okyere Darko, Obrafour recently released his ‘Odasani’ single from his upcoming album. The song which features rapper M.anifest has been receiving a lot of airplay since its release.

He added that the DJs cannot be left out of the problem since they are the ones who enjoy using a certain tempo, making it difficult for them to try other tempos.

“In the broader perspective, I blame the musicians who write the songs and the DJs who seem to enjoy using a certain tempo, making it difficult for them to try other tempos,” he said.

Obrafour has in the past produced some timeless and thought provoking songs. He is currently in the studio putting together his album, which is expected to be released early next year.


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