Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Thinking aloud... 

If you decide to belong to a church that will humiliate you a guy for impregnating a lady out of wedlock or you a pregnant lady, then that is purely up to you. Apart from that confused angel, I haven't heard of any church that will dare assault a lady and a guy for engaging in sexually intercourse and ending up with pregnancy.  Because away from the religious self-righteous nonsense, assault is a criminal offence which is against not only the individual but the state, and anyone who allows him or herself to be assaulted in the name of some god is just a plain idiot.

After visiting some churches and seeing how some of its members have been possessed by the spirit of ‘holier than thou’, I'm left to believe that most Christians in our part of the world are ignorant, selfish and judgmental. Yet the Holy Book says ‘Judge not, and you shall not be judged’. Jesus the Christ accepted everyone without pointing out their sins -including the prostitute Mary Magdalene-.

In Christianity which means Christ-like or behaving like Christ, there is a popular account where a woman (Mary Magdalene) was brought to Jesus the Christ for being a prostitute or a ‘loose woman’. Expecting Christ to condemn the woman, the crowd were shocked with the Messiah asked each of them without sin to cast the first stone. This Mary later became a disciple of Christ.

Why can’t we Christians who claim to be emulating the Christ behave in that regard?

To the Churches, will you prefer that youth will pretend to be without sin as they engage in abortions- which is murder, one which is the greatest sins among most religions- and all manner of sinful behaviour or they come in their sinful nature just like Saul and Mary Magdalene did,  and should they get pregnant and you counsel them, accept them just as Jesus the Christ accepted you even in your sin and filth?

On The Obinim Famous Lashing Video

Some have argued that he was disciplining the two individuals for engaging in sexual activity which resulted in pregnancy. If he had done that in his house without publishing it and none of the affected parties felt the need to report it fine. But once it was published (through social media and other platforms) it goes beyond the 2 to become a criminal offence which is against the state as well.

Again other say as the guardian of the 2, the fake angel has the right to discipline them any how or anywhere he likes. I think that is total nonsense. Do you remember the story of the grandparents who decide to discipline their grandkid giving him pressing iron burns? They are prosecuted and jailed for the act. That was the best way they felt they could discipline the kid but was that right in the sight of the law? No!!!

As a man of god, common sense should have told him not to subject a pregnant lady to that form of punishment. I'm no medical practitioner yet I know that he could have caused the lady to lose the pregnancy as a result. I reckon that he and his god will prefer that the innocent baby who was given by God will die because it was conceived out of wedlock. It's a shame!!!

As I get off this dusty road of nonsense and madness in the name of Christianity, I can proudly say -like Jesus the Christ said- that those who assault, scorn or mock individuals who bare a child or children out of wedlock should cast the first stone if they are without sin or they should pick the log out of their eyes before they point to the speck in the eyes of other. 

I'm done

Nii Ogbamey Tetteh


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