Thursday, July 19, 2018

Apostle  Isaac Attoh
The Ghanaian missionary to Cameroon, Apostle  Isaac Attoh, killed in Batibo last Saturday by the Cameroun Soldiers has been buried.

The burial took place in Batibo on Tuesday July 17, 2018. His remains were laid to rest by the Mayor of the  Batibo council in the presence of some church ministers who volunteered to see one of theirs laid to rest.

Council officials said,  the  state of the corpses only needed burial. The Pastor was buried same alongside one of his slain Christians.

The reaction of the family members who were making arrangements for the corpse to be repatriated remains unknown at the time of filing in this report. Sources also said the local council was under pressure for the corpse to be buried same day.

Media reports had insinuated that Pastor Attoh’s family are due to drag the French Cameroon government to court, for killing the Ghanaian missionary who left behind a two months old baby, a wife and family to mourn him.

Late Apostle  Isaac Attoh of DESTINY IMPACT MINISTRY left Ghana for  Cameroon for an evangelical mission but was unfortunate to have gotten into Batibo when the French Cameroun soldiers were carrying out raids across the town in search of the Pro Independence Self Defense Forces.

According to eye witnesses, the military opened fire indiscriminately. This may have been the situation which led to the brutal shooting of the Ghanaian cleric and his companions whose bodies were only discovered early next day on Sunday July 15.

The killing of the Ghanaian national has raised questions as to whether the French Cameroon government was now involved in the targeted killing of foreign nationals.

However, the family of the deceased wants the government of Ghana and the international community  to get involved to seek justice for Apostle Attoh.

By: Joseph Nii Ankrah

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Isaac Attoh
A Ghanaian missionary, Apostle Isaac Attoh has been brutally murdered by soldiers loyal to Cameroonian President Paul Biya in Batibo, on the 14th July 2018, Batibo Sub-Division, Momo Division, North West and dumped his body on the walkway of one of the streets.

According to family sources, Pastor Isaac formally of the Destiny Impact Ministry located in Barn Yard, Accra, Ghana who now runs his own Ministry; Isaac Attoh Ministry left Accra, Ghana by road on Tuesday July 10, 2018 for evangelical duties in Cameroon.

Reports say the young and energetic Man of God arrived Batibo in Cameroon on Friday July 13, 2018 before being brutally murdered by the Cameroon military on Saturday July 14, 2018. National Telegraph's secret stringers are now confirming that the corpse of the 28-year-old curate is presently at a mortuary in Bali, a neighboring town to Bamenda, North West Regional headquarters.

Information also reaching the deceased family from Cameroon indicates that, the military is trying to bury the body to conceal the evidence. Observers have condemned the death of the Pastor but the church in Cameroon is yet to make an official intervention.

Pastor Attoh was murdered alongside two other Ghanaians who are yet to be identified. Efforts by some stranded Ghanaian pastors and friends, in Cameroon to retrieve the body of the deceased have proven futile, as the military is unwilling to release the body to cover up their heinous action.

The wife, Esther Attoh has since been in shock, National Telegraph has been told. The young Pastor is third of four siblings. Rev. Isaac is survived by his wife and 2-month-old baby boy. Meanwhile, the family is calling on the Ghanaian Government and the International Community to intervene and get the remains of their brother ferried to Ghana for a decent burial.

By: Joseph Nii Ankrah

Seth Eshun
Seth Eshun, Head of Supervision at the National Insurance Commission (NIC), has said that about 40 percent of cars in Ghana are not insured with some having fake motor insurance.

According to him, data available to the National Insurance Commission (NIC) indicates that there is an alarming gap between the number of cars that have been registered by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) compared to the number of cars that have been insured by insurance companies in Ghana.

Speaking at a symposium organized by Donewell Insurance Company Limited as part of its 25th Anniversary celebrations to discuss current issues and trends in Ghana’s insurance industry, Mr. Eshun said “We have about 3.5million cars that have been registered by the DVLA, road worthy are about 1.5million but cars that insured are about 1million from our statistics.”

“We have about 40 percent of cars that are not insured in the country or have fake motor insurance. These are people who are driving every day and if anything happens to them or they cause injury to other people, they both will not receive any insurance payment,” Mr Eshun disclosed.

NIC working with DVLA

However, Mr. Eshun mentioned that the NIC is working together with the DVLA to ensure that cars that are not registered by the DVLA and are not road worthy are not allowed on our roads unless they are properly insured.

He disclosed that, a number of discussions have already been held between the Commission and DVLA under the auspices of the Vice president of Ghana Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia.

Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, last month announced that, government will soon launch a digital system that will link the data between insurance companies and the DVLA in order for them to check vehicles that have been insured in real time. Dr. Bawumia said the system will boost insurance penetration and create a wealth of fund for investment.

The digital platform, if successful, is expected to enhance the vehicle registration process through online application.

With respect to insurance penetration, Mr. Eshun said is not possible for it increase by 100%. “If insurance penetration is at 100%, then what it means is that, all productive activity that is done in the country is by insurance and that is not possible”, Mr. Eshun added.

By Joseph Nii Ankrah

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Chief Executive Officer for Donewell Insurance Company Limited, Seth Aklasi
On Thursday, 12th July 2018, Donewell Insurance Company Limited will hold a symposium on Ghana’s insurance industry as part of activities scheduled for the celebration of their 25th anniversary.

The symposium, themed ‘Insurance in Ghana-The different perspectives: The Regulator, The Investor and the insurer’ is scheduled to take place at the British Council in Accra and is targeted at major stakeholders in Ghana’s insurance industry.

According to Jennifer Bebli, Head of Marketing and Business Development at Donewell Insurance, the symposium will bring together decision makers in the insurance industry to discuss critical issues peculiar to insurance in Ghana. Participants would contribute to discussions concerning professionalism, innovation, ethical business and standards towards the growth of Ghana’s insurance industry.

“We would assemble the decision makers and influencers in our industry to discuss the pertinent issues that affect our survival as businesses and industry. Innovation is key in today’s dynamic world and must be embraced by all. Insurance is not and must not be immune to change and innovation and as such we are happy to be organizing this event for all stakeholders”, she said.

The symposium promises to be relevant and meaningful to the growth of Ghana’s insurance industry. Some of the guests expected to attend and speak at the event include Mr. Justice Yaw Ofori (Commissioner of Insurance), Mr. Larry Kwesi Jiagge (Managing Director; Risk Management and Advisory Service), Mr. Seth Eshun (Head of Supervision; National Insurance Commission), Mr. Ofori Kuragu (Managing Director; AP & L Consult) and Mr. Fiifi Simpson, Groupe Nduom.
Justice Yaw Ofori, Commissioner of Insurance at the National Insurance Commission (NIC)
As part of its 25th Anniversary celebrations, Donewell Insurance Company Limited will on Thursday, July 12, hold a symposium to discuss current issues and trends in Ghana’s insurance industry.

The symposium, themed ‘Insurance in Ghana -The different perspectives: The Regulator, The Investor and The insurer’ will take place at the British Council in Accra and will attract all key players in the insurance industry with Mr. Justice Yaw Ofori, Commissioner of Insurance at the National Insurance Commission (NIC) as the Guest of Honour.

According to Seth Aklasi, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Donewell Insurance, the symposium will offer stakeholders an opportunity and platform to discuss pertinent issues affecting the industry. The discussions would also help and offer suggestions to improve professionalism, innovation and promote the growth of the industry.

“Donewell Insurance Company Limited has played a major role in the growth of the insurance industry and Ghana’s economy over the past 25years. We intend to use this symposium to assemble the major players in our industry to deliberate on issues that will affect the insurance industry positively,” he said.

Mr. Aklasi has been an advocate for standards and professionalism in the insurance industry and in April 2018, bemoaned the influx of fake insurance stickers in the country and its negative effect on the perception of clients on insurance.

Other speakers expected at the symposium include, Mr. Larry Kwesi Jiagge (Managing Director; Risk Management and Advisory Service), Mr. Seth Eshun (Head of Supervision; National Insurance Commission), Mr. Ofori Kuragu (Managing Director; AP & L Consult) and Mr. Fiifi Simpson of Groupe Nduom among others.

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo has "already signed" for Juventus according to the club's former CEO Luciano Moggi, who claimed he tried to bring the Real Madrid star to Italy when he was a teenager.

Serie A champions Juventus are reported to have made a bid of £88million for Ronaldo, who is Madrid's all-time leading goalscorer after nine seasons at Santiago Bernabeu.

Moggi, who headed up Juve's board from 1994 until 2006 when he was a central figure in the Italian football scandal that saw him given a life ban from football, claimed the transfer was already at an advanced stage.

The 80-year-old told Italian TV network Tele7Gold: "In my opinion, he has already signed and passed the medical examination with Juventus in Munich.

"This is what I think after talking to important people."

"In my opinion Ronaldo has already signed & had his medical in Munich" - Moggi said.

Moggi recalled his attempts to make Ronaldo a Juventus player in 2002, when he was emerging from the Sporting CP youth ranks and becoming one of the Primeira Liga's hottest talents.

A proposed transfer involving Chilean striker Marcelo Salas moving in the opposite direction never transpired, according to Moggi, and Ronaldo joined Manchester United in 2003.

"I received an alert," said the former Juve chief. "I sent an observer to look at him, he was an 18-year-old boy, but he impressed me with his maturity and his choices.

"In the middle of the day I made the contract. Unfortunately, Marcelo Salas refused to sign for Sporting Lisbon because he wanted to return to River Plate.

"I offered five million more for an 18-year-old player, but it could not be done at that time."

Source: Opera Sports

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Pastor Adom with his beloved Dr. Belinda Collins
He might not be a household name yet. His music might not be on everyone lips yet but there’s indication all that is soon to change.

Emmanuel Adom Adjei informed Blakkpepper his musical journey started in primary school when he was in the tenor section of the school choir eventually becoming the leader of the tenor group aged 10.

According to Adom, he served with many artists either as a backing vocalist or or as a bands man adding he developed himself musically such that he directs choirs while grooming other artists.

The Takoradi Technical University graduate first tested the commercial market with his debut EP ‘Unveiled in Glory’ before offering albums ‘100% African Praise Party’ and ‘Praise Overflow’ revealing “there’s a fourth album on the way from which I released the single ‘Conquerors’ which is doing so well.”

His academic journey has seen him through Labone Senior High School, Takoradi Technical University where he offered Marketing and earned a Higher National Diploma (HND), seminary schools where he earned certificate and a diploma before relocating to the US in 2012 where he earned an Associate Degree in Theology and a Second Degree in Human Resource Management. Pastor Adom recently earned his Bachelor of Arts in Theology and getting awarded an Honorary Doctorate in Divinity.

Adom is officially engaged to US born Dr. Belinda Collins who is a daughter of a Minister of God and by training is a Finance and Education person.  Although she was based in Miami, she now resides with Pastor Adom in Houston, Texas with Adom disclosing “we became friends before we fell in love, got engaged we will marry in the year.”

But why Jesus music?

Adom rendered:

“Gospel music is the only form which has no genre like jazz. It is fluid but also it is also my calling and I am a messenger for the people. God’s word can be propagated through acting, writing and other forms but sound has no barrier so I use music as a duty to sway souls for God. Also after death, we gonna do worshipping of God, so why not start now and get used to it.”

It will be 6 years since Adom landed in the US in December, and though he noted that things have been tough, he submits that “I have a church I lead, the youngest to lead a church in my state, I also have a music ministry, publishing ministry and missionary ministry whose mandate is to impact the world.”

Already he’s released his first book and a second is due soon while he serves as a host of a radio show in addition to being a TV host on ND TV.

Although it’s been tough in America, Adom has managed to find himself in corporate America and hopes the networking will help advance his cause.

“Coming to America and being new to the system, I had to study and get grounded and juggling preaching duty, recording in the studio and taking lessons at school was tough but worth the effort,” the ebony man rendered to Blakkpepper via Whatsapp.

While in Ghana, the songwriter, artist groomer and musical director held musical concerts to bring folks under God’s umbrella for worship and in the US he’s carried on the tradition visiting states to minister.

His efforts have been noticed such that in 2017, he received the Community Impact Award for his positive strides in his community.

Among the challenges he’s faced, the pastor cum artist recalled “buying instruments for my music was tough and coming by money to invest in my music was equally challenging and it didn’t help matters that when you play with certain artists they only thank you with ‘God Bless You’ ignoring the fact that it cost money to transport yourself to the venue and prepare yourself for the performance. Some Churches also did same. Also serving people but they proving to be ingrates and bad mouthing you to others was shocking as was some paying good with evil. Also initial low attendance at my concerts was troubling but things have since picked up.”

But how would Pastor Emmanuel Adom Adjei love to be remembered?

“I would love to be remembered as an original artist, a creative whose career lasted long and was impactful across generations and as an artist who helped raise others.”

What can Ghanaians expect from this son of the soil?

“Good music, concerts, conferences or seminars, collaborations with other African acts, solid music videos and interactions with fans on social media,” the Houston based man submitted.

Pastor Adom’s music is on major music shops with CdBaby serving as distributor to digital stores Amazon MP3, Apple and iTunes as well as Ghana’s afTown music platform which sells African records.

But with what meal would Pastor Adom be at home with?

“Waakye with veggies, chicken, beef and fried fish with lots of pepper sauce or ‘shito’.”

By way of beverage, Adom is cool with any fruit beverage.

Enjoy ‘Conquerors’ by Pastor Adom from his yet to be released 4th album

By: Michael Eli Dokosi

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Nii-Tete Yartey
It has been 4 years since Nii-Tete Yartey took over as director of one of Ghana’s most prestigious artistic institutions, the National Dance Company of Ghana (Ghana Dance Ensemble).

As one of the youngest directors to hold such a position in Africa, Nii has envisioned his work in his field as a re-contextualization of traditions, with a particular focus on the development of dance theatre and contemporary Ghanaian dance.

Nii-Tete Yartey is the son of Ghana’s foremost dance choreographer and teacher, the late Professor Francis Nii-Yartey.

Over the years, Nii-Tete Yartey, has worked on Projects like ‘Diema’, ‘Aza’, Panafest, ‘Alkebulan’s awakening’ and the Ghana at 60 celebrations, where he drew from the many regional dances to beautifully express Ghana’s historic and contemporary dance traditions.

It has come as no surprise that he will be the one in the director’s positions for the National Theatre’s 25th Anniversary production, ‘Agoro’, a collaboration between, the National Theatre of Ghana and three of its prestigious resident companies, (The National Dance Company, National Symphony Orchestra and National Drama Company) and Ohio University and Azaguno, Inc. from the United States of America (creators of Diema 2015 and AZA2016).

The exciting international festival and concert dubbed ‘AGORO’ will be performed live at the National Theatre of Ghana from June 25 – 30, 2018, as part of the 25thAnniversary celebrations of the National Theatre of Ghana.

AGORO, a concert of New African Music, Dance and Drama will be an educational and transformational cultural experience for all.

According to Nii, the celebration will bring back excerpts from ‘Diema’ and ‘Aza’ to be performed by The National Dance Company, National Symphony Orchestra, National Drama Company, International Artists representing the United States and Canada in addition to several of Ghana’s own nationally and internationally recognized groups and will also feature new works by prof Paschal Younge, composer and prof Zelma Badu-Younge

AGORO will mark the third collaboration of its kind organized by the National Theatre of Ghana, Ohio University and Azaguno Inc.

As part of this program, a 3– day Symposium and Workshops focused on the theme: “ARTS, HEALTH, and WELLNESS” will also be organized on from 25th to 27th June in collaboration with the Ministry Tourism, Arts and Culture; Ministry of Health; Ministry of Education; Ministry of Youth and Sports; Ministry of and Gender, Children and Social Protectio; University of Ghana (Korlebu Teaching Hospital ) and Psychiatric Hospital.

Friday, June 22, 2018

Mrs. Catherine Afeku
The Minister for Tourism Arts and Culture (MOTAC) Mrs. Catherine Afeku, has revealed that Ghana will be hosting the first ever Africa Women in Tourism Conference in 2019.

Speaking at the maiden edition of the Ghana Women in Tourism Summit in Accra on Thursday 21 June, Madam Afeku said, United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and 36 African Ministers of Tourism selected Ghana to host the first ever Africa Women in Tourism Conference.

“Just about two weeks ago, 36 African Ministers of tourism met at the 61st edition on UNWTO. The commission for Africa met in Abuja and Ghana was unanimously selected to host the first ever Africa Women in Tourism Conference(WIT) which is to take place in 2019. In this regard, it is very critical that we applaud women in tourism in Ghana. I’m indeed very excited to be the Sector Minister at this point in time when the Women in Tourism conference will be hosted for the first time in the history of Africa here in Ghana,” she added.

She also mentioned that the WIT Summit seeks to identify a set of impactful programs that could be adapted to leverage tourism as a vehicle for the women’s role in the Ghanaian tourism sector.

“This we believe will be achieved through, women empowerment and leadership in all sub-sectors of tourism. The protection of women’s rights through better and quality tourism employment, building the culture of education and entrepreneurship thereby bridging the gender inequality gap,” she disclosed.

By: Joseph Nii Ankrah

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Nyansa  Boakwa interviewing the repented armed robber
Day in, day out, lives and properties are lost to individuals and groups who attack us in our homes and offices. Lives that are spared are scarred with trauma.

Though they act inhumanely, they are human just like we are. This leaves us wondering who these people are, why they do what they do, how they know when and when not to attack and how they even come by the weapons they use against us.

These questions will be addressed in the below confessions of a repented armed robber.
At noon on April 19, a young man willingly walked into the studios of Happy FM at Asylum Down after listening to the confession segment on Happy FM’s ‘Nsem Pii’ show.

In an interview with Pastor Nyansa Boakwa, host of Nsem Pii on Happy FM, here is what the 42 year old repented armed robber who will be called ‘Koo’ for the purposes of this story and on grounds of security has to say as he makes these hideous revelations.

According to Koo, negligence from his father and his inability to excel academically resulted in him dropping out of school at an early age. He started gambling at the age of 15. As a result of greed, this habit of gambling landed him in prison when a rich man he gambled with and cheated reported him to the police for stealing from him.

Koo recounted that he connived with the woman who sells the playing cards and tampered with them. When he was done, he told the woman to sell those particular cards that had been tampered with to the rich man.

After the rich man had purchased the playing cards, Koo and the said rich man gambled in the latter’s home where he won 7,000ghc. The rich man refused to accept defeat so he went back to the same shop to buy another set of cards and he was sold another one of the tampered cards. Upon reaching home, he was defeated again and this time around, he lost 3,000ghc.

The rich man refused to let Koo leave his house with his 10,000ghc so he attacked Koo with a knife but Koo got a hold of it and injured him running away with the money. He went to pay the cards seller for her participation.

The rich man later reported the incident to the police and said Koo attacked him in his house and stole from him. The police took the rich man’s word and didn’t believe Koo when he said they gambled and he won.

Koo was arrested after two months when he had already squandered all the money. He was tried and jailed for two years.

Koo had heard rumours of sodomization in prison and that was his fear. But when he got there he realized it was a choice.

According to him, life in prison was not easy. He had to wash clothes of some inmates for one cedi and that was how he was able to buy certain things he needed.

“The food served there was so terrible that it was not fit for a dog. The banku had no salt and the soups were so light that you could see your reflection in it,” Koo stated.

He also revealed that being sodomized in jail is a choice one makes if they decide to enjoy their stay in prison. An older man or a longer serving inmate with money will have sexual intercourse with an inmate who allows it in exchange for giving him good food and basically providing a comfortable life for him.

We have all heard that Indian hemp is sold in jail, I am sure just like me, you wonder how the Indian hemp gets into the prisons to be sold to inmates.

According to Koo, the inmates insert the ‘wee’ into their anus when they go out for communal labour and smuggle into the prison. These inmates before they leave undergo an exercise to widen their anus by inserting a big battery in there. They leave it in there for three days. Other objects that are not allowed in prison like cell phones are also smuggled into the prison through the anus. The people who do this are referred to as ‘cargo’.

Koo went to jail as a chronic gambler, instead of getting reformed in there, he came back worse. There are different blocks for different crimes and Koo knew where each was. He went to the robbery block and as he passed by, he overheard an argument where one person was being accused of being the reason ‘they’ got arrested. He got closer upon hearing this, when he was asked what he wanted, he told them, he was like them, implying that he just wanted to mingle. He was then asked the offense that landed him prison, in order to fit in and impress them, he lied and said he was jailed for shooting someone he went to rob.

He became friends with them and they planned how they were going to go on robbery operations when they were released. In there they get phone calls from people on the outside giving them information about who to rob but since they were incarcerated, they called their counterparts out there and transferred the jobs to them.

The source of the information is the scary part. The information comes from house helps, drivers and personal assistants among others. These are trusted people in our everyday lives.

When Koo was initiated into the robbery gang, he and some other interested participants were trained at the prison backyard which was their meeting place. In the course of the training, there were 99 laws to abide by and if one goes against any, he was fined and inability to pay the fine lands him in a jail set up by the leaders of the robbery gang community inside the prison.

When Koo returned home after 2years with the feeling that he had been left behind in life and needed to catch up with his peers.

His family also stigmatized him and so he left home feeling like an outcast. He then contacted some armed robbers whose phone numbers he had gotten from his new friends in prison.

He moved in with them and served them as a houseboy. He got paid for doing this but he wasn’t participating in their robbery activities. After a while he decided to go with them for the robberies.
Koo’s first robbery operation was in Awoshie. A house girl had informed the gang that her employer was coming home with a sum of 80,000ghc .

Koo disclosed that “we didn’t have any guns but there were some police men who rented out the guns to us in exchange for one third of the money we stole.”

They had told the police they were going to get 30,000ghc when in actual fact they were going to get 80,000ghc. After they had rented the guns from the police, they met with the house girl who aided them to duplicate the keys to the said house.

This, according to him, was done by pressing the keys on a bar of soap to get the impression and the soap was later sent to a locksmith for the duplication.

He added that the house help instructed them to attack at 1am so they did. When they entered they slapped the house help in the face to fake an attack on her. She started screaming for help which called the attention of her boss.

He arrived at the scene but refused to hand over the money to them, his wife joined in and pleaded with the robbers to take the money and leave her family unharmed. As the man struggled with them, they hit him hard on the head with the gun getting him unconscious.

Koo was instructed to rape the 13 year old daughter of the couple who was also present at the scene of the attack, he refused to do it but another member was delighted to have that unfortunate opportunity passed to him, the young girl was mercilessly raped in front of her mother as she cried out “I have given you the money, why are you doing this”.

When the father gained consciousness, he asked what was going on upon seeing the blood stain from his daughter’s rape. Another one wanted to rape his wife, he fought to stop them but they overpowered him and tied him up as they raped his wife right in front of him “at that moment, I thought to myself, what kind of job have I gotten myself into”, Koo said.

“After everything, we took the money and left. We later met the house help at the Accra Mall to give her share of 5,000ghc to her. We met the policeman who provided us with the guns too and gave him his share of 5,000ghc”, Koo stated. He added that he also got 5,000ghc which he was very happy about.

The story continues with Koo recounting his meeting with a different gang who were more established than the previous one and had support from some police officials and Judges for two more robberies on Happy FM’s Nsem Pii.   He said they met at Ashaiman.

Over there they were contacted by a banker who called to inform them that  a client was about to make a withdrawal. She gave them the time the client  was going to pick up the money -which according to Koo was 50,000ghc - ,  the model of car he was going to bring and the car registration number.

They picked up their guns which they had already purchased from some police men at the cost of 9,000ghc and 6,000ghc. They then drove in cars they were given by the police to Dansoman where the bank was.

They went ahead of time and waited for the man outside.  They spotted him when he got there and when he went inside the bank to withdraw the money, the lady called them to alert them that he had the money and he was stepping out. They followed him closely from Dansoman till they got to Circle, a little beyond Odo Rice.

One of the cars overtook his car and stopped abruptly in front of him. He got out of the car demanding for explanations, they also got out wearing face masks and gave warning shots.

They immediately took a pinch bar from their car to force open the trunk of the man’s car and made away with the money leaving a small stick in the ignition to prevent the man from chasing them. Bystanders could not go after them maybe because they were afraid of getting shot.

Koo further disclosed that the cars they used had the real number plates in front whiles the ones behind were fake number plates so they could not be traced. He also revealed that armed robbers never go on any operation without reliable information from an insider.

He made 5,000ghc from that robbery, the banker made 5,000ghc and the police also got 10,000ghc.

Koo spoke about another operation, this time around at East Legon.

Just like the first robbery the house girl gave them the information about her madam returning from abroad.

 “She gave us the time of arrival and the kind of car that was going to pick her up,” Koo added.

Again they went ahead of time and waited for her to come out of the airport. They followed her from the airport until they got to her gate and attacked her right there. The house girl had come out to open the gate so she fell to the ground when they got out of their cars and gave warning shots.

“The woman was refusing to give us the keys so we took them by force and opened the trunk to take out the luggage and drove off in our cars. She had children at the back seat crying.” Koo narrated.

When they got home they burnt the other content of the luggage. All they needed was the money and keeping those other things was a risk they were not ready to take.

They found 30,000 dollars, the exact amount the house girl told them they would find.

He detailed that there are big police officials and judges who assist them when they get into trouble, they assisted them by reducing their charges when they are arrested. For instance, if it is robbery or murder, it could be reduced to stealing. This reduces their jail term to about two years. When they have more money they could get the judge to arrange an appeal for them which further reduces it and possibly lets them free.

Koo said he is a changed man now, because he is afraid he would be forced to kill or become an accomplice to murder eventually. He has cut all ties with his friends and has even approached the police three times to tell them what he knows but they always tell him to go and bring the guns he has. That, he says, has been very difficult to do because he cannot just walk to the robbers and demand that the hand their guns over to him.

He concluded by saying “I want to help end robbery in Ghana and I am ready to talk on any platform, I don’t care if I die and if I die, I die for my country Ghana,” he told Happy FM’s Nyansa Boakwa on Nsem Pii.

By: Susan Amoako Agyemang

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