Wednesday, August 19, 2009

By: Bismarck Nii Ogbamey Tetteh

I sat in my room trying to figure out what this wonderful feeling was; I mean the abstract word ‘love’, and which of the two women in my life the rightful person is.
I had met a very lovely lady in town on my way to lectures last semester, I was stunned at her beauty and asked for her name ,got her contact address and phone number . I promised to call her as soon as I got home from school. Back at home I called her, and sounding so caring and asked me to save my credits for “free night” so we could chat for a longer period.
At dawn, I saw ten missed calls on my phone when I woke up; it was Caroline, the lady I met in town. She was so excited I returned the call. I realised we where so alike, got along well on the phone and it was as if we had known each other for ages.
After two months, I couldn’t do for a day without speaking to her and she also could not go to bed without hearing my voice. It became clear at that stage that we were in love.
One lovely Sunday evening, after some ‘doses’ of palm wine, the inevitable happened. We made love. Even though we both felt guilty over what happened, Caroline accused me of raping her. This resulted in a very painful break-up.
During that period of disappointment and heartache, a ‘angel’ from my school, Jane, gave me all the comforting I needed. She kept telling how much she liked me and that she would wait patiently for me to get things straightened up.
All the ‘codes and signs’ were thrown my way but because I was so hurt by what Caroline did, I could not decode them.
One afternoon after aMass Communications lecture, Jane walked up to me and whispered “I love u” to me, after which she kissed. And while I stood rapt in confusion over what to do, my phone rang. Lo and behold, it was Caroline.
She started crying, apologizing to me, asking if she could come back. Even though we were far apart, I could feel that she had regretted her action.
“I have forgiven you but let me think about the other option of reconciling”, I told her.
I am torn between the devil and the deep blue sea. Who should it be, the devil I know or the angel do not know?

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