Thursday, August 6, 2009

Mr. Dennis Ofosuapea, the President of the Federation of Youth Association of Ghana (FEDYAG) has called on the youth to support the implementation of the national youth policy programme.
This he noted will prevent young women and men from engulfing in brothels and hotels and sleeping in coffins in the name of “sakawa” respectively. Adding, the policy will serve as measuring tool to enable us monitor and evaluate the progress being made.
Mr. Ofosuapea made this known at the International Press Centre during a press conference last Tuesday.
A press statement issued by the federation indicated that, for about seventeen years now the country had been run without a youth policy on the premise that the policy had no action plan and also government is making the policy relevant to the young people of Ghana.
He also added that in July, 1999, the policy was launched and in July, 2001, they were told the policy could not be implemented because it was not dynamic enough and that there was no action plan therefore the policy had to be put on hold.
The president of FEDYAG however said that in December 2008, they were told the policy had received executive authority. “The young wings of all the political parties were in favour of the policy when it was launched” he stated. He concluded that the youth can hold able arms of government. “For the war to be won, the young men had to hold the able arms of Moses. I therefore call on all young people to stand up and fight for our future”.
George Appiah, a media practitioner from Vibe Fm asked if the government would be able to finance the policy in its current economic state if it is implemented. Mr. Ofosupea in his response state that money is not needed to do everything, the policy comes with codes in programme to be held every year. Another media practitioner from Ghanaian Times also advised the house to educate youth on the policy and its advantages and then they can talk of an action plan. He stated that the youth needed to set the trend themselves.

The president of FEDYAG, Mr. Ofosuapea in his closing remarks stated that the youth forms the largest labour force in the country. He asked the government to beat the drums,give them a sense of direction and they will dance to it.


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