Thursday, September 3, 2009

ANOTHER DAY IS gone am still all alone, how could this be that you are not here with me. This is the song I heard my Sara, my 24 year old wife sing when I woke up. She was a dog lover and her favorite dog was dead.
Three months ago, on my wife’s birthday, I bought her a very cutie, brown bull dog. She was so happy because her last puppy died of food poison and for a month I was treated like a King that was when I realized how much my wife loved animals especially dogs and how much she appreciated me. She named in Michael, after her favorite musician.
One Sunday morning, I decided to pick a stroll with Michael, I let it loose because I didn’t like to see animals in chains especially dogs. We walked from my house to the main junction which is about 0.5 kilometers. On our way back, in an attempt to kill a scorpion, it sting Michael. Fortunately for Michael I was close so I killed the scorpion and rushed Michael to a vertinary shop. On my way to the vetinary shop, one thing kept rolling in my mind “what will I tell Sara if Michael died”. The doctor treated it and I brought it home. I told my wife nothing about what happened, that incidence was really close so I decided to stay away from the dog for a while.
A week after the scorpion sting, I was home alone, reading on my roof top then I realized the house was empty and too quiet so I went down to turn on some music and went out I see if the sound was too loud. Michael was dull and it was laying still, this was because it was in chains so I let it loose, gave it a ball and let it in then went back up to continue with my reading. Michael came upstairs with the ball making waves that it wanted to play fetch; I took the ball, throw it downstairs and kept reading. It came back with the ball again but this time when I took the ball I threw it over the roof because I was reading, my bad. Michael just followed the ball and jumped off the roof and went straight down to hit the paved floor, little Michael was dead, I tried to revive it but it was to but it didn’t work so I put it back in chains and left I as if I didn’t know what had happened.
Sara got so heartbroken when she saw the dead dog and mourned it for a week. I couldn’t confess because I thought I will make it worse. She kept singing Michael Jackson’s “You are not alone” whenever she was reminded about the dog. I decided to confess but I wanted to do it in a grand style.
One Sunday after church I went to town and got a similar bull dog just like Michael, came back and gave it to my wife. I saw a big smile on her face then I went down on my knees and asked her if she would ever forgive me if I told her I knew how Michael died. She gave me a kiss and answered yes. I narrated the whole incidence to her and ended saying “ I killed Michael your dog”. She just looked at me and said “I love you dear and yes you are forgiven”.

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