Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Do you know that millions of people all over the world are living with things that cause cancer? Following this question, one may ask, what is cancer?

Cancer according to the Chambers twentieth Century Dictionary is a malignant new growth or tumor.

Scientist and Doctors all over the world admits that the leading causes of cancer are radiation.

These radiations are divided into three major groups, namely; alpha, beta and gamma radiations. Among these three, the most powerful and harmful radiation is the gamma radiation.

Radiations are also emitted from a lot of appliances we use in recent times. Some of these appliances include ;microwaves, mobile phones, x- ray machines, wireless devices like Bluetooth and infra- red, cathode ray display tubes found in very old television sets, high voltage transformers, telephone masts and many more.

Excessive exposure to any of these things over a long period of time causes cancer.

The question here is why do we continue to use these things? Is it because we can’t do without them? This is a question everyone should analyze closely.

Telecommunication companies are erecting lots of masts all over the place which are very harmful to our health.

The radiations these masts emit are believed to cause low sperm count in men and also deformities in unborn babies. These companies are aware of these health implications the masts bring but yet still gamble with our lives.

Importers are flooding Ghana with lots of second hand appliances most of which have been condemned from the countries they were imported from. Second hand television sets, microwaves and mobile phones are now the order of the day.

Instead of buying new ones which have been manufactured in such a ways that they emit little or no radiation and have been certified to be environmentally friendly, we drift to the use of these second appliances.

What should be done to solve these problems should be our headache and not tribal issues, war and politics. This world was created perfectly but the selfish desires of men are slowly destroying it.

Let us all try our best to help fight cancer any way we can.

Compiled by Bismarck Nii Ogbamey Tetteh, Ghananewslink.com


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