Wednesday, August 11, 2010

After former President Kufour openly denied ever having an affair with Gizele Yazji on Tuesday 10 August, she has fired back at Mr Kufour, insisting that he is the father of her twins.
Madam Yajzi, the lady who made the headlines in 2006 when she claimed she had an affair with Mr Kufour and as a result, was the mother of his twins, accused Kufour and his family of setting up offshore companies and opening bank accounts in some countries.
Although, Mr Kufour was cleared by CHRAJ of all the allegations in 2006, he never commented publicly on the matter until Tuesday, August 10 2010, when he emphatically denied the long-standing allegations by Madam Yazji.
In an interview with Ms Yazji on the day after, she accused Mr Kufour of not only fathering her twins but also having several affairs with other women on daily basis 7 years ago. And called him a “promiscuous man”
"He is very promiscuous, for example I knew that he had a relationship with some woman who worked with him. He did it every day; I think the only woman who did not have a relationship with him was his wife, because she was too old for him." She said.
According to Ms Yazji, Mr Kufour’s promiscuous habit even forced his wife, Theresa to ask for divorce some time ago.
She denied ever having any business dealings with former Finance Minister Osafo Marfo on the Hotel Kufour saga, although she said the former Oda MP knew about her pregnancy for Mr Kufour.


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