Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Deputy Minister of Information Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa has said that the youth wing of the National Democratic Congress is alive, strong and matching on to victory in 2012.

Mr Ablakwa made this statement at the National Theatre when he was addressing the Greater Accra youth wing of NDC.

He noted that when their opponents gather their young ones, they teach them how to kill themselves and preach to them a strange doctrine ‘all die be die’. However, when the NDC gathers their youth, they talk about life; they talk about progress and development.

“For the youth of the NDC, we want to live to enjoy the good works of Professor John Evans Attah Mills so that in some generations to come we will enjoy from the better Ghana Agenda. That is why today we won’t be discussing progress that we have made,” Mr Ablakwa said.

“We will be analyzing the challenges that will pop up and also we will be strategizing for victory 2012.”

He stated that if a critical look is taken at the New Patriotic Party (NPP), one will be left with no other conclusion that as young people that –the NPP- is not a party to look up to.

“Any political party that has so an abysmal record, that all their doing is to wait for you to make a mistake, for you to have just one mysterious cocaine disappearance and they start singing ‘yen nyinaa ayƐ pƐpƐƐpƐ’,that is not a party for the young people of this party to look up to.”

“… that tells you that they are aware that they failed so trebly that all their doing is lying in wait for us to also blat so that they will rejoice and tell the electorates that we are all the same.”

Touching on some developmental projects the NDC has carried out in their action year, the Deputy Minister made mention of some of their greatest achievements. Some of these achievements include;

1. Achieving single digit inflation and sustaining it for the longest period ever in the history of this nation.

2. For the first time in the history of the country, the economy is growing at 13.6 per cent.

3. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has granted Ghana the highest loan budget of 3 billion dollars which has never happened in the history of this great nation.

4. As part of their commitment to fight crime and narcotics, the Vice President of this country opened a new forensic science laboratory at the Ghana Police Headquarters.

5. Under the leadership of the NDC, the constitutional review committee has submitted its final report to the President John Evans Attah Mills and it is the first time in this country.

6. Two weeks ago Accra was listed as one of the six clean cities in Africa according to the All African clean city index.

7. In a report released last week, Ghana has been listed as one of the top ten tourist destinations for 2012.

8. The Single Spine Salary structure is now at a completion level of 98 per cent. Every Ghanaian worker is better off today than they were yesterday.

The Minister added that in a football match, those who always want to disrupt the match are people who know that they cannot win the match. “Nana Akuffo-Addo wants to carry the football and go away campaigning for ‘All die be die’. We must not allow him; we know we are winning all the goals to show that we are winning come 2012.”

Monday, December 12, 2011

The Managing Editor of the Insight newspaper Kwesi Pratt Jnr has pointed out that over the past few years, there has not been a president of Ghana who has not visited the United States (US) more than three, four, five times and therefore he does not see anything special about President Mills visit to the US.

There have been so many reports in the media questioning the authenticity of President Mills vacation in the US and his interaction with the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon.

Mills cleared the cloud of doubt when he was interviewed from US by Radio Gold.

He asked the Radio Gold presenter why he would lie about his visit. “I was there in the company of the Chief of Staff who has also come for certain assignment and we had some very lengthy discussion. They can always check with the UN department.”

Mr Pratt said on Radio Gold’s Alhaji and Alhaji show that he made his earlier statement – I don’t see anything special about Mills visit- because Ghana is not an Island and therefore needs to engage with the rest of the world “especially the rest of the world who appear to have some interest-negative or positive- in our country.”

He noted that it is important that we as a country engage with the media and people of the US in order to ensure that their propaganda efforts aimed at disabling Ghana and preventing us from controlling our natural resources are dealt with adequately.

Mr Pratt maintained that before the President went on his leave , every aspect of his trip and how he was going to spend his vacation was publicized.

“It is important however to make the point that the President’s visit was publicized way back, long before he left. We knew exactly when he was leaving, we knew that he was going to visit Canada , we knew how long he was going to spend in the US and indeed also we know he is returning to Ghana on the 14th or 15th of December. So there is nothing about the President’s visit which has been kept a secret. Everything about his visit has been in the public domain.”

He said he was so down hearted by the attempt to propagandize the President’s visit and feels worse by the peddling of rumors by General Secretary of the largest opposition party the NPP, which is seeking to capture power come 2012.

Sir John, the General Secretary of the NPP leveled strong allegations against the President; saying President Mills did not meet with the Secretary-General of the UN. This conclusion was made because the UN website apparently did not put up any information that the President has been met immediately.

Mr Pratt questioned that “what is there about the UN Secretary-General the whole President will fake a meeting with him. Does he have all the solutions to the problems that confront us?

He told the show host that he feels so scandalized by the whole development and feels more scandalized by the suggestions that the President is having Kidney failure and as a result, he has been moved to Cuba for medical treatment.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Ghana has climbed up four places in the latest FIFA world ranking, putting the Black Stars in the 29th position in the World.

Things are looking good for the Stars on the African continent as they are ranked second behind Cote d'Ivoire after defeating Gabon 2-1 in a recent International friendly. Algeria is in the third position and Egypt in the fourth position

Ahead of the 2012 African Nations Cup which will be jointly hosted by Gabon and Equatorial Guinea in January, Ghana’s current position could be considered a plus as they prepare for the tournament.

Spain, Netherlands, Germany, and Uruguay respectively, still remain the top four teams in World.

Monday, October 24, 2011

The General Secretary of the People's National Convention (PNC) Bernard Mornah,has expressed worry over the current situation of striking doctors all over Ghana.

Commenting on the on-going strike by the medical doctors which has lasted about fifteen days, Mr Mornah said on Radio Gold’s Alhaji and Alhaji show that Ghanaians value the work of their doctors and other health workers but people working in the health sector should always carry ‘a human face’ in the work they do.

“We value the work of our doctors, we value the work of our health workers and we think that in doing that work, they must carry also a human face in what they do,” Mr Mornah said.

“It is not their stay out of work that will certainly resolve the issue but their stay out of work will lead to many elongated health issues, deaths and sometimes complications that would have been averted".

He noted that the Labour Act was enacted by Parliament out of the respect Ghanaians have for laws and institutions.

Out of the Labour Act, it is expected that all labour related disputes are handled by the Labour Commission.

“Unfortunately, it appears that institutions that are even learned and are supposed to understand why we have laws, why we have rules and regulations governing us do not understand.”

There have been many calls by various groups some of which including the Christian council, Muslim council, the Chief Imam’s office among others appealing to doctors to call off the strike but it seems all these calls and appeals fell on deaf ears.

The Country’s population is about 25million. Out of that, there are about 2,000 doctors and according Mr Mornah, the Doctor-Patient population ratio is nothing good to write home about. In every nation, health care delivery is very paramount to economic success.

“All we hear the doctors saying is their work is so essential that they don’t want to compromise on conditions of service. I have said time without number that there is no Ghanaian worker whose work is not essential and that the farmer is essential to the work of a doctor.”

“If the farmer does not produce, the doctor will not get to eat and if you don’t get to eat, you cannot have the energy to go through the basic things you do in a day. If Electricity Cooperation of Ghana decides that they are not going to work, the doctors will certainly not be in the position to operate.”

“If Water company, decide that they are not going to work, doctors cannot operate and none of us can. If the janitors don’t work, the stench in the hospitals will not permit the doctors to have an environment to work. Therefore its beats my imagination that all of a sudden people want to consider superiority and work with it.”

He emphasized that the stance taken by the Ghana Medical Association is not healthy for the growth of our nation.

“ Worker must get themselves up to the standard that they will constantly engage with authority to ensure that there is improvement in their working conditions and that indeed in their income.”

“But you don’t have to hold the whole nation hostage as they are doing now so that at the end of the day, we will have to succumb to them. I find that extremely unacceptable and I pray that doctors will come to some day to realize this.”

Monday, September 26, 2011

The managing editor of the Insight Newspaper and a true Nkrumahist, Mr Kwesi Pratt Jnr has acknowledge Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah as not only being the greatest Ghanaian but also as the greatest African in this Millennium.

According to Mr Pratt, Dr Kwame Nkrumah is one of the few people in this world whose works and ideals have changed the world dramatically.

“Indeed, Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah is in the category of Einstein , is in the category of persons whose works have changed the world’s understanding of itself and created pathways to the building of a better universe and this is not in dispute”, Mr Pratt said.

“It is important to also acknowledge that Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah is so big that he actually fills the world’s stage. Today Dr Kwmae Nkrumah is studied and his ideas and ideals are applied across the world. This is the man whose 102th birthday was celebrated only a couple of days ago.”

There are some, few as they may, who still continue to attempt to deride the achievements of Dr Nkrumah, to denigrate his personality and to pull his whole contribution to world development.

These persons, according to Mr Pratt, who are mainly in the Dankwa-Busia tradition, will soon come to a realization that “…their effort is comparable to a guy who is using his bare feet to kick against a rock”.

“Those who will get hurt in this process will be non-other than those who are engaged in this campaign of vilification, slander and lies against the Osagyefo. They are the only people who will get hurt in the process”, Mr Pratt noted.

It is important to recall that when Dr Nkrumah was alive and when he led the struggle for the liberation of Africa and indeed contributed significantly to the liberation struggles in Latin America, Asia and other places, many Africans, according to Mr Pratt dropped their nationality and adopted the nationality of Ghana.

“Indeed Nigerians, Liberians, Ugandans and so on, preferred to be known as Ghanaians rather than Liberians, Ugandans and Sierra Leoneans. Indeed, the Ghanaian passport had become a priced item.”

The African Union, through a resolution, adopted the centenary celebration of Dr Kwame Nkrumah as Africa’s own celebration. Aside that, Mr Pratt made mention that centenary of Nkrumah was celebrated everywhere in the world.

“There is no Ghanaian leader who has managed to attain these heights and these heights were not attained from nothing.”

“In discussing Nkrumah’s greatness, it is important to point to the fact that it is his humility, his humble background that makes him greater.”

A young village boy, born in a small village in Nkroful, on a section of the Western Region who in 48yrs rose to the world’s stage and the world not afford not to pay attention to him.

“This is the greatness that we are talking about”, he added.

Friday, August 26, 2011

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has lifted Ghana’s suspension eight months after it sanctioned the West African nation for violating its statutes

Board Chairman of the Ghana Sports Council Mr Kojo Bonsu revealed to Radio Gold that the decision to lift the ban was arrived at a meeting which took place in Seoul, South Korea on Friday morning.

In January this year, the IOC suspended the National Olympic Committee (NOC) of Ghana from competing in the London 2012 games. The IOC cited "political interference" from the Ghanaian government as the reason behind the National Olympic Committee (NOC) of Ghana's expulsion.

A statement issued on that day by the IOC read "an obvious lack of cooperation of the government authorities in Ghana and a lack of respect of the Ghana public authorities" led to the nation's ban.

But Mr Bonsu who sounded very happy about the move when he told the radio station today that “about an hour ago, I think, in Korea the ban was lifted.”

The decision by the IOC means Ghana may take part in the London 2012 Olympic games. “It means a lot to us because we were out of the Olympic fraternity and we are back in the fold, so that means we will be able to take part in all international events, eg; Olympic Games and other international meets,” Kojo Bonsu said

He was certain with the decision, Ghana could be part of the 2012 Olympics in London and expressed gratitude to Youth and Sports Minister, Clement Kofi Humado; marketing consultant Frank Appiah; Mr. BT Baba of the GOC; Dr Valerie Sawyerr, a Deputy Chief of Staff; National Sports Council CEO, Worlanyo Agra and the Parliamentary legal team for helping to fashion out a package that he said led to the lifting of the ban.

"It means a lot to us because we were out of the Olympic fraternity and we are back in the fold, so that means we will be able to take part in all international events, eg; Olympic Games and other international meets," said Kojo Bonsu.

Could this mean that Ghana will resume receiving its Olympic funding?

Monday, August 22, 2011

The managing editor of the insight newspaper Kwesi Pratt Jnr has brought to light that the current president of Ghana, John Evans Atta Mills, owns only two houses.

Mr Pratt noted that when the news broke that President Mills was acquiring a huge luxurious mansion, Ghanaians were made to believe that the mansion was virtually complete.

“The story went on and on that the mansion was virtually complete. A photograph of an indeed glamorous mansion was published alongside",

Mr Pratt contributing to discussions on the Alhaji and Alhiaji show said when he heard the news about the President acquiring a mansion; he completely dismissed it because he knows President Mills very well.

“Let me tell you something, President Mills some time ago told me personally that he already owns two houses and that every year he has to look for painters to repaint the houses and that a third house will be a problem for him, Mr Pratt revealed.

The Director of Communications at the Presidency, Koku Anyidoho who initially got the facts wrong, came out to say that there was indeed something like that and that the mansion was a token of appreciation.

But Mr Pratt mentioned that when he heard Mr Anyidoho say that the mansion existed and it was a token, he was completely shuttered.

“Masa, how can somebody who will not even receive hampers, who will not take birthday gifts and so on, accept a mansion as a token?”

It later turned out that the facts were completely different, that there was no mansion at all. There was rather an agreement for Regimanuel Gray Limited to provide a guard house, toilet facilities and a bathroom for those guarding the president’s residence. President Mills will be personally responsible for the payment of the facility

When the press was sent to inspect the structure, it turned out that the construction of the structure which was mislabelled as a luxurious mansion, was at its elementary stage and not completed as stated earlier.
It ticked... tocked... ticked... tocked ...ticked... tocked
Severing ties with an umbilical chord
She arrived;
Her eyes, clear like the blue sky
Her nose, points like her father’s
Her red rose lips blossoms from Eden
Her hair, carefully curled by her creator
Her face, carved by angels, so beautiful
Beauty beyond imagination...

It yet ticks...tocks...ticks...tocks...ticks...tocks
Her firm grip resonates her mother’s strength
She slept like all the troubles in this world had been wiped away.
Suddenly, she smiled in her sleep...
Still ticking...tocking...ticking...tocking...ticking...tocking

Her smile brought tears to my face
Because indeed she was striking
Beauty straight from heaven
The smile faded, turned upside down
She suddenly turned pale
The warm strong grip loosened
The warmth was gone...

The grip felt cold, icy cold
There was no pulse, her heart turned stone
Deadened by a glance into Medusa’s eyes
Eyes of death
‘Bring back my beautiful girl’
‘Save the product of our love’
She was gone, back to her Creator...

Tick...but the clock did not tock
Neither could I talk
One minute, that is all we had with her
‘Why did u take her away?’
I saw my baby for only a minute
My one minute beauty, the love of my life
Pray for her, keep her safe
Till we meet again in our haven

Dedicated to all parents who lost their babies at birth

Monday, August 1, 2011

She yelled out of a terrible dream when the clock struck 4. “ooh, its morning already. I have to get the girls ready for school.”

She hurriedly finished her chores, woke her husband up and had a warm bath. It was time to play mummy once again.
“Wake up girls, it is time for school and we don’t want to be late”. Little Naa was carried in her sleep while Ayikai took her mom’s hands and they were marched straight to the bathroom.

“Mummy my toothbrush,” Naa yelled “Mummy my sponge,” Ayikai joined in the exasperating chorus . In about 20mins, the kids were ready for school but they had to go take breakfast while she got ready for work.

She was ready to leave . “Alright girls, let’s get going”. She waited for minute but heard nothing. She moved to the dining and realised the girls had neither a taken a sip nor a slice.

“Naa, Ayikai, won’t you eat your food,” she asked. Naa, the youngest of the girls ran to her and hugged her. She looked really sad, “mummy, I don’t want to go to school today. Please don’t make me go.”
Ayikai also joined in the hug and said: “It’s ok Naa, go eat your food and I’ll take care of you when we get to school ok.” They both sat with their sad faces and ate their food.

She was running late for work. Daddy was already in his car but the Taxi driver who sends the girls to school had not arrived yet.
Just when she brought out her phone to call him, she heard the sound of a car pull into the house. “Madam, I make sorry waa for my lateness,” he said. “My car dey worry me sorry, Fa ts3 mi, ense bio.”
As the taxi started moving out of the compound, Naa and Ayikai waved their parents goodbye.

She got to work late, organised a Press Conference for her boss and before the conference was over, the day had ended. It was 4pm and she had to pick her kids from school. She called up the Taxi driver and asked him to go pick up her kids from school.

She got home at 7pm and her kids were nowhere to be found. “Where are the girls”, she asked her husband through rattling teeth.

“I went to the school and I was told you had asked someone to come pick them up with a taxi so I assumed they were with you at work,” he replied.

The taxi was supposed to bring them home, she yelled as she angrily brought out her phone. After four times of calling, the Taxi driver finally answered, Madam my car spoil oo , I dey come. Your pikkins dey fine, then he ended the call. Nothing annoyed her more than his perverted version of the pigeon language.

She tried to call the line again and this time a strange voice picked the call, hello maame make you stop dey call, you no go see the pikkins again
, the strange voice said but before the call ended, she heard her daughter screaming and crying.
Oh my God, she shouted as she fell to the floor.

“Daddy, our kids have been kidnapped”.

Her husband quickly picked up his phone and called the police. My two daughters have been abducted, he told the police. Few minutes later, the parents where at the police station to put down their statement. The Police inspector then deployed dispatch units to go search for the girls.

Suddenly, Goose pimples rained all over her body, she remembered the terrible dream she had that morning.
In the dream, she was playing with her kids on a road which appeared to be covered with snow when a strong wind blew and carried the two girls away. But as she yelled for help, the girls kept smiling and waving goodbye. That was when she woke up.

She fell to her knees and broke down in tears. “I’ve lost my babies, they are gone, I feel it in my soul. They are gone,” she wailed.

“It wasn't you,” she told her husband, “it was all me, it’s all my fault. I shouldn’t have allowed them to go with the Taxi driver. Please forgive me.”

Her husband hugged her tight and as the tears rolled down his cheeks, he murmured, it was never your fault, I will never blame you. God gives and He takes away. I need you to be strong for me.

A couple of days later, the Taxi was found with body parts in the boot. The police together with her husband identified the part and confirmed that the body parts were that of the kids.

The driver was apprehended by the police at his hideout in no man’s land. He is to appear before a court on the counts of abduction and first degree murder.

What happens to this murderer is up to God and the court.

What happens to the family –the mother and father- is another story .

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Over the years, two questions at least, linger in the minds of Ghanaian football lovers anytime the international governing body of their favourite game, FIFA, release the FIFA/Coca Cola World football ranking.

These questions obviously are; what position was Ghana placed and where will She be in the next ranking.

Ghana’s ranking over the past 11yrs has been like a seesaw. At a point, the country is ranked so high that football fanatics begin to feel complacent. And another point, the country is ranked so low that everyone – the press, FA , football lovers and sometimes the government -tries to identify the cause for the low ranking and suggest possible solutions.

In 2000, out of the 203 countries that were ranked, Ghana was in the 57th position, a position that raised eyebrows all over the country. As usual, tongues came lashing at the coach and officials of the Ghana Football Association (GFA). The GFA led by Alhaji M. N. D. Jawula promised football funs that he together with his outfit were going to work hard to move Ghana up from its 57th position.

Ghana fell two places back in 2001,but the 59th position was not the end of the fall. In 2002, the ranking moved from 59 to 61 then to 78 in 2003.

The FA, now led by Dr N. Nyaho-Tamakloe together with the players and technical team of the Black Stars managed to move a step up in 2004. FIFA ranked Ghana 77 in the world. It didn’t stop, in 2005, there was a tremendous rise. The Black Stars led by Captain Stephen ‘Tornedo’ Appiah managed to move 22 places up to the 50th position.

In 2006, Ghana managed to qualify for the first time to the World Cup which was to be held in Germany and also for the African Cup of Nations tournament which was also held in Egypt. Unfortunately, the Black Stars failed make it out of the group stages.

But its FA’s new boss Kwesi Nyantakyi promised to raise the flag of Ghana high at the World Cup. And so he – Kwesi Nyantakyi- together the entire team fulfilled a prophecy that was long foretold by Cameron’s Roger Milla at the Italia 1990 that the best was yet to come and the world should wait for the Black Stars of Ghana at the World Cup.

Ghana qualified from the group stages and got kicked out by Brazil in the round 16 stage. The ranking for that year was marvellous, Ghana moved up to the 22 places to the 28th position.

Unfortunately, the ranking fell to 48 in 2007, rose to 25 in 2008 and dropped to 34 in 2009. But after a spectacular run at the African Cup of Nations in 2010, the Stars made it to the semi-finals of the 2010 World Cup which earned Ghana 16th position in the ranking.

The FIFA rankings have been released three times this year .in the January, Ghana was still ranked 16, in April, it was 15 [the highest the country had ever seen]. In the middle of the year, the ranking dropped to 33.

Football fanatics over the world are wondering what the fate of Ghana is going to be like in the future.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

As part of the ‘action year’ plan of the current government, President J.E.A. Mills has been commissioning classrooms, road projects, and dormitories among others in some regions.

On the other hand, the opposition party, the NPP has been criticising the NDC that “the President is going round his national tour commissioning bore holes.”

Speaking on Peace FM’s Kokrokoo program, the Managing Editor of the Insight newspaper Kwesi Pratt Jnr noted that there is nothing wrong if the president commissions bore holes and KVIPs.

“What is wrong if Mills is commissioning boreholes?” Mr Pratt questioned.

“If you are staying in Maamobi and you take a drug for your running stomach, you wake up in the morning and go to the public toilet you meet a long queue, you will know the benefit of commissioning a KVIP”, he said.

He added, “on the other hand, if you are staying in a village where water does not flow through the pipes and you go to the stream to fetch water and realise cows and goats are also drinking from the stream, then you will understand.”

He said the people who leave in the areas where the bore holes and KVIPs were commissioned, count it great joy because they know how important those things are in their lives.

Monday, June 20, 2011

The editor of the Insight newspaper, Kwesi Pratt Jnr has stated that some commentators of the opposition NPP are suffering from what he terms ‘Selective Unfairness’.

He said, “some of these commentators from the NPP complain a lot claiming that their flagbearer has been insulted and they take issues with newspapers which try to remain independent or those which are on the side of the NDC.”

He stated that we should all be worried about the spate of insults and heckling in the media adding, “I think it is important for us to condemn all such incidences and not be selective.”

Mr Pratt recalled how a member of the NDC spent valuable airtime focussing on the height of Nana Akuffo Addo. “What has the height of a presidential candidate got to do with finding solution to the social, economic, political and cultural problems that confront our people? Yet we spend valuable airtime on such discussions,” he noted.

Mr Pratt with permission from the show host read out an editorial from June 15th edition of Daily Guide titled “Government’s Hypocrisy”. The editorial termed how government decided not to get involved with the Ga state chieftaincy issues as ‘Nonsense and an act of Hypocrisy’.

It further read that “……we do not welcome this waywardness from a government which virtually begged to come into power”.

Addressing Owula E.T Mangotey’s statement that NPP’s flagbearer Nana Akuffo Addo makes more sense when he is quiet, Mr Pratt said since Mr Mangotey is a citizen, he is entitled to his views.

“As long as there is no infraction of the law, for as long as he speaks within the boundaries of decency, Mr Mangotey’s views will continue to remain his views,” Mr Pratt added

“Masa, the man stated emphatically on this very program that faithful day that he was not a member of the NDC therefore his views are not attributable to the NDC, this is a point I think we should all respect.”

Friday, June 3, 2011

The Black Stars led by John Mensah, today demolished the Congolese team by 3 goals to 1 at the Baba Yara Stadium in Kumasi. The team maintained their place at the top of Group I of the African Cup of Nations qualifiers.

The Ghanaian side was not able to settle for the match in the first half of the game.

After a useless tackle from Congo’s Pablo Makita -who brought down Black Stars’ Kwadwo Asamoah- , the referee issued him a red card which sent him off the pitch.

After the redcard Black Stars gained a lot of possession in the midfield.

Isaac Vorsah’s powerful header in the 62nd minute put the Black Stars in the lead. Before the Congolese could regroup, Prince Tagoe, known to his fans as Prince of Goals put the ball at the back of the Congolese net.

A rather careless manoeuvre from Ghanaian goalkeeper Richard Kingson ended with the ball behind the Ghanaian net. The Stadium became quite not because the fans were scared but because they did not expect experience goalkeeper Kingson to commit such an error.

After taking on two defenders, Black Stars’ Agyemang Badu landed a powerful strike in the net of the Congolese to seal the deal at 3 goals to 1. The victory sent beams of smiles to the face of Black Stars Coach Goran Stevanovic who had earlier promised Ghanaians that he was going to win the African Cup of Nations with the Black Stars.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Dr Ekow Spio-Garbrah after taking the bold step to join former first lady Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings, to contest the sitting President John Evan Atta Mills in the flag bearership position of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has withdrawn from the race.

The shocking revelation about the withdrawal was made at the party headquarters by his spokesperson Mohammed Nasiro on June 1 , the day Mrs Rawlings also submitted her nomination forms.

The editor of the Daily dispatch newspaper Mr Ben Ephson, earlier predicted that Dr Garbrah was going to withdraw from the race . But spokesperson for Dr. Gabrah,Mr Nasiro, says the withdrawal was as a result of harassment on the part of some delegates in the party.

Dr Spio Gabrah is expected to formally issue a release addressing Ghanaians on why he withdrew from the race.

“Growing up, I studied Martial Art because I realised it was the only sport I was good at. When I started, I trained so hard that I killed my shin cell so if anyone tries to kick me in the shin, I’m sure he will get hurt and I’ll just be staring at him.” This was how ace Ghanaian Actor, Majid Michel described himself on Joy FM ‘Drive Time’ programme.

Majid revealed that when he was young, he was not fond of school but one thing he enjoyed was to train hard so he could become good at Martial Arts and that his favourite sport was “Kung fu”.

The ‘Heart of Men’ star said back in the day at Mfantsipim school, “during one of our Physical Education (PE) lessons, we were asked to do push ups. Some people did 25, others did 30 but the teacher and the rest of the class were surprised when I did a straight 80.”

“Everyone started to see me as a tough dude and when they asked me how I did it, I told them it was all about constant training,” he said.

Majid added that he still trains in Martial Art because he has to keep in shape. He refused to talk about football but when he was pushed to the wall, he noted that; “if I’m asked to choose two footballers I like, I’ll choose Manchester United Ryan Giggs and Ronaldinho because those two players are good at what they do.”

Majid began his acting career when he got a role as “Shaker” in the theatrically successful TV series ‘Things We Do for Love.’ Following his success, he made a smooth transition to the big screen when he appeared in his first movie “Divine Love,” alongside Jackie Appiah, and Van Vicker.

He has since starred in a lot of Ghanaian and Nigerian movies such as; Silent Scandal, Crime to Christ, Agony of the Christ, 4 Play Reload among others.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

It was almost impossible for motorists travelling on the Ring Road Central to get to the Kwame Nkrumah Circle because delegates and party sympathisers stormed the NDC headquarters to welcome the president, H.E. John Evans Attah Mills.

President Mills arrived at 10:30am with a massive crowd of people cheering him as his security officials struggled to get him into the premises of the headquarters.

He paid 500ghc as filing fee to the party’s General Secretary, Mr Aseidu Nketia, who presented the nomination forms to him at exactly 11:07am.

The President, after picking his nomination forms assured the former First Lady of a free and fair Congress come July 8. He was accompanied by several ministers of state as well as party functionaries.

“…I would like to use this occasion to wish Mrs Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings well, I would like her to know that like the true sportsman that I am, we will give her a clean fight but at the end of the day both of us will win…”

Mills together with the NDC delegates and other party sympathisers moved to Kuku Hill in Osu where he is expected to launch his campaign.

A crowd of vibrant people – old and young – dressed in their ‘Nana Konadu for 2012’ round neck shirts and party colours, gave Nana Konadu Agyemang-Rawlings – a potential flagbearer of the NDC for 2012 elections – a breath taking welcome into the Accra Conference Centre.

When the former first lady mounted the stage to deliver her speech, she said: “I am indeed honoured by this massive show of support from across the length and breadth of Ghana towards a historic journey of hope and freedom not only for the NDC, but for our country Ghana.”

She noted that the National Democratic Congress (NDC) fought a good fight in 2008 and through the toil of millions across the country, the NDC managed to uproot a party that was shamelessly institutionalising corruption.

“We voted for a candidate who promised change and we all wanted that change. We had the conviction that once again, our country was going to benefit from the NDC ideals of probity, accountability, freedom and justice which are the bedrock of every nation. The governance we have experienced since 2009 does not inspire confidence or give Ghanaians any hope for the future.”

She stated that the current leadership has failed to pursue the NDC avowed commitment of defending the will of the people and establishing a government that is entrusted by the people. “A government with humility and sensitivity; a government devoid of arrogance and vindictiveness.”

“A true blooded NDC leadership does not buy support. A true blooded NDC leadership does not buy votes. We don’t buy votes, we work towards the votes. Indeed we don’t buy delegates.”
This tendency, she said, is destroying the spirit and the strength of the NDC and “it’s a shame”.

“As the party stands now, most Ghanaians are convinced beyond reasonable doubt that something dynamic and phenomenal has to happen in the NDC for 2012 victory. Yes, something phenomenal is going to happen and the most phenomenal thing that can happen is when the good people of Ghana, led first by the party delegates who carry the destiny of our party on their shoulders take a bold decision and call for real change on July 8, 9 and 10, when the party goes for congress in Sunyani.”

It can be recalled that Nana Konadu picked her nomination forms at the party headquarters on 3 May around 10:30am. It went down in the history books of Ghana that Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings is the first woman to pick a nomination form to contest a sitting president at the flagbearer ship level.

Mrs Rawlings said she performed that historic act because she feels the pain and despair that have engulfed the true supporters of the party.

“Having heard the cry of millions of our party supporters across the country, I cannot sit unconcerned and look on while our party, this party that you and I sacrificed to build. is brought crashing down on its knees by people who do not seem to have the growth of the party at heart.”

“The true NDC person knows that the time has come for a regeneration of the true spirit of devotion and loyalty of our party. The time has come to put an end to the politics that pursues division and return the NDC to a variable political party that will bring us together.”

As she brought her message to an end, she emphasised that; “I stand before you today to bring our party back on track”.

The founder of the NDC, Jerry John Rawlings explained when it was his turn to deliver his speech that since the day was for his wife, he was going to say two or three things and reserve the rest for June 4th.

He mentioned that: “the NDC started losing the 2012 election within the first week when they assumed power. We finally lost 8 months back and until we change gear, until we change the driver of this bus, we will lose the 2012 elections.”

“The congress slated for July should have taken place last year but when they conducted their search, they realised that this lady was going to beat them hands down. They changed it again to march and again to July. This time they can’t change it again. I supported Mills when all the people he put around him deserted him,” he said.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Okyeame Kwame has cleared the storm of doubts over the ‘exact’ role he played in his latest hit song ‘faithful’.

He admitted on late night celebrity show that “yes it is true that Kwabena Kwabena sung in my ‘faithful’ song but he didn’t sing the whole chorus like people are saying.”

Bra Kwame confessed to Dzifa Smith, the host of the show that at the time when he was recording the song in the studio, Kwabena Kwabena walked into the studio to see the sound engineer. “….it was then that the sound engineer asked him to help me out with the ‘oooh oooh’ part of the song.”

“Since Kwabena is a very good friend of mine, he did not hesitate to help me out. We sung only that part together with Bertha and nothing else,” he said.
The ‘Rap Doctor’ as popularly known in the Ghanaian music industry found himself in the mist of allegations that he did not sing the chorus of the said song.
These claims intensified when Okyeame Kwame failed to sing his part of the chorus well at the just ended Ghana Music Awards festival where he performed the song with a live band.

A copy of the song’s promotional CD apportions no credit to Kwabena Kwabena as the name behind the voice of the lyrics.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

In the history of football, Ghana is the fourth African country to have played at the Wembley Stadium and the first to have come out with a draw.

Wembley Stadium was flooded with Ghanaian fans from home and away as the match started. About 81,102 fans filled the stadium.

With Asamoah Gyan and Adiyah playing the striking position, the team constantly pressured the England for a goal but was to no avail.

England took the game to the Blacks Stars before the end of the first half when Andy Carrol fired a shot past Goalkeeper Richard Kingson.

The second half saw six substitutions for the Ghanaian side as Coach Goran Stevanovic made tactical changes to change the rhythm of the African game.The Black Stars again dominated the game in that half.

Gyan showed composure in the 91st minute to dribble Joleon Lescott on the edge of the area before curling a left-footer to far corner beyond the English Goalkeeper Joe Hart . The brilliant skill by Asamoah Gyan earned Ghana a share of the spoils at Wembley as he scored a late equaliser to deny England victory.

The international friendly ended in a 1-1 draw and England coach Capello in an interview after the match said: “I am happy because Ghana didn't play it like a friendly. The two teams on the pitch were really, really good. The players were strong in the tackle. I'm happy with the performance of the squad. The players played without fear and with confidence.”

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA) today debunked the findings of the non-governmental humanitarian organisation, Oxfam International that the National Health Insurance Scheme on health care delivery in Ghana is unfair.

Briefing the Press on Thursday morning, the Chief Executive of the NHIA, Mr Sylvester A. Mensah stated emphatically that the report that was put forward by Oxfam was full of flaws.

Mr Mensah pointed out that the research methodology the organisation used to arrive at the conclusion of their report was totally flawed and further explained that the report did not describe the type of study that was taken neither did it state the sample size and the type of sampling adopted by study.

“Since the document was filled with factual inaccuracies, the NHIA had to come out to respond. Oxfam did not state the type of study they carried out. To make matters worse, the figures they used in their study also did not come from us,” Mr Mensah emphasised.

Oxfam’s report concluded that as at 31st December, 2009, the NHIS health delivery could be accessible to as low as 18 per cent with those excluded still paying user fees in the “cash and carry” system.

Mr Mensah noted that the mathematical formula used by the organisation to arrive at the membership data for the NHIS and health service utilisation by members was flawed.

“Indeed, until 2008, the denominator for calculating the percentage of the registered members was the 2004 population projection but this was always made clear when the figures for registration were presented. Accordingly, this is not at all a new discovery or revelation by Oxfam.”

“It is important to note that membership of a scheme such as the NHIS is not based on mathematical extrapolations but collation of names, addresses and critical bio-data of people which can be verified, and the fact that the researches did not exhaust the possibility of accessing such information, suggests a calculated effort to tarnish a home grown African initiative and underscores the poor quality of the research.”

He also noted that the personalities that the Oxfam report cited as support for the study, such as Mr Chris Atim have openly distanced themselves from the report through a written disclaimer.

It is purely evident that Oxfam international is out to find fault in Ghana’s National Health Insurance Scheme since the programme in gaining international acclaim as a potential model of healthcare financing in the world.

In November 2010, the NHIS was selected by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the World Health Organisation (WHO) for an award at its 2010 Global South-South Development Exposition held in Geneva, Switzerland for showing leadership in health insurance implementation in the developing world.

Bice Osei Kuffuor, Known in music industry as Obour, is working on his new album and his 10th Anniversary celebration which is slated to be launched later in the year. In an interview, he said, he is the first Hip life musician to have gone on a nationwide tour in 2004 and 2005.

Apart from that, Obour mentioned also that he is the first Hip life musician to have graduated from University. The ‘Konkontiba’ hit maker has a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Music from the University of Ghana, Legon where he was in probably the most popular hall, Commonwealth Hall otherwise known as “the vandal city”.

According to him, “It has been 10 years filled with so many experiences. Such experiences include, 10 years of good music, devotion to the musicianship of Ghana and of service to social campaign. In all, it has been a wonderful revelation”.

Speaking about what inspired the lyrics of his songs, Obour revealed that because he grew up in Juaso in the Ashanti region among traditionalists like linguists, chiefs etc. it gave him the opportunity to do more inspirational traditional music. He said his traditionalist instincts, which are felt in his songs, are inspired from his childhood life history.

He added that, “I was born in Kumasi but I grew in Juaso. Because my Dad was a chief there, I grew up around a lot of tradition and culture.”

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Kwesi Nyantakyi has been elected into the Executive council of CAF a while ago at the on-going 33rd CAF General Assembly being held in Khartoum, Sudan.
The results for the voting came a few minutes after the GFA boss cast his votes for the slot. KALUSHA BWALYA of Zambia and LEO TENGA of Tanzania were also elected onto CAF executive council.

Mr Nyantakyi as it stands now, is the first Ghanaian to secure a place on the Executive Committee since 1994 when Sam Okyere last served in the post.
Mr Nyantakyi, who is currently the president for the country’s Football Association, has an unbeaten record if it comes to contribution towards sports.

He masterminded Ghana’s first two World Cup appearances in which the country performed very well. Nyantakyi is also part of the recent successes of Ghana football at all levels including the youth level.

He endeared himself to the various African FA bosses with his affability, humility and his work ethic as compared to his main contender who has led Benin into chaos.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The editor of the Equirer newspaper, Raymond Archer says because the New Patriotic Party has tasted power before, they feel power must come back to them at all cost.

Speaking on Radio Gold’s Alhaji and Alhaji show on Saturday, Mr Archer explained that he has a feeling that what the people of Ghana want to see about a party in opposition is alternative leadership.

“It does not matter whether they provide alternative leadership or alternative policy that is credible or whatever, that thing the NPP have tasted is so important to them that they will do anything, as they have said in the past, to come back into power and that will make them lose power for a very very long time,” he said.

Commenting on the issue of the STX project, Mr Archer said he was happy for the President, John Evans Attah Mills and his vice, John Mahama and all the people who went through all they had to go through to get the project on course.

“I think if there is any project that this government appears to have gotten a lot of things right, from the start to where it now , then this could be one of those. The audacity to do this is incredible and I hope government will keep their eyes on this project.”

“I am very happy for our police officers and security officials, sometimes I wonder how they are able to deliver. I have always been in favour of government supporting the security service.”

Mr Archer noted that at least if the police and the security officials have the single spine and a decent place to lay their heads then he thinks they will deliver more than they are doing now.

Nii Ogbamey Tetteh

Monday, January 17, 2011

The General Secretary for the People’s National Convention, Bernard Mornah says giving someone grade F means that the person is a complete failure and as such, judging by some important indicators, the party in power, the NDC cannot be considered as a total failure.

Mr Mornah said this on Radio Gold’s Alhaji and Alhaji show on Saturday in relation to the recent ‘F’ grade awarded to the NDC by the opposition party, the NPP.

He noted that: “as the NDC won power in 2009 and were sworn in 2010, they did not have the kind of goodwill the NPP got when they were sworn into power in 2001.”

“I have always said that inflation has its own plus and minuses but it was the same inflation that used to be one of the very key tool that the NPP in the past always touted itself that we have brought inflation down, first to single digit and then it rose to 20.8 per cent and above.”

“All of a sudden, inflation started dropping and interest rate has also started dropping, so if you look at the economic indicators alone, it points out that one can certainly not give the ruling government the ‘F’ grade.”

“If you look at the agriculture sector, around 2007 and 2008, the country imported rice to the tune of $600 million. Today, there has been a decrease to almost $300 million, which means that we have started to augment the importation of rice by increasing domestic production of rice. That certainly is a plus to our Ghanaian farmers, meaning that we are staying some income for the importation of rice in our nation and I am hoping that in the next two years, we will be able to get out of the issue of importing staples like rice that we can produce.”

Mr Mornah said that he does not think grade F is acceptable and that the ruling party should be given grades that are acceptable and meet the challenges we have in the country.

Bismarck Nii Ogbamey Tetteh

Does the ace performance of the two past South-eastern European Black Star managers advocate for the appointment of their fellow countryman in a growing trend of a Ghana-Serbian football relations?

In the mist of what is almost turning out to be a tradition of Ghana employing Serbian coaches in the past few years, one may be tempted to ask if they are really the right guys for the coaching job.

It started with Ratomir Dujkovic, who was the first Serbian Coach to walk into Ghana and took up the coaching job between 2004 -2006. He led the Black Stars side which was captained by ‘the tornedo’ Stephen Appiah to the African Cup of Nations in 2006 in Egypt. The team’s performance in that tournament was nothing to write home about.
But the Serbian redeemed his image by qualifying the nation for its first ever World Cup in Germany that same year. The Stars put up a marvellous performance and were the only African Country to qualify to the round 16th of the tournament.

Milovan Rajevac, the next Serbian Coach earned a lot of criticism from Ghanaians not because of the team’s performance but because of his ‘one top’ style of play and the fact that he could not speak the English language. Then again, he gained a lot of praises from Football lovers all over the world as he led Ghana to the final stage in the 2009 CHAN tournament, 2010 African Cup of Nations where we were the loosing finalist and then to the quarter final stage 2010 World Cup which was held in South Africa, where we were the only African country to reach that far.

The two Serbian coaches, Ratomir Dujkovic and Milovan Rajevac upon taking up the job, never made any promises but delivered fairly.

The newly appointed Serbian coach Goran Stevanovic, who was the former coach of Partizan Belgrade, has promised to win trophies with the help of the Ghanaian side. He has also made known his style of play to be attacking football.
“We must play attacking and attacking football while being cautious in defence and I am sure we will achieve the results... I am here to build champions …and I’m certain that all of us want to be champions…”

It has been 30 years since Ghana last won the African Cup of Nations. The Black Stars were third in 2008, second in 2010. “It is now time for trophies. It is time to be first again,” Stevanovic said during his first press conference with the Ghanaian media.

Ghana has been depending on these Serbian coaches for quite some time now but the question is ‘Is Goran Stevanovic truly the one?’.
It is our hope and pray that he is able to fulfil his promises and bring Ghana the trophies.

Bismarck Nii Ogbamey Tetteh

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