Thursday, May 5, 2011

A crowd of vibrant people – old and young – dressed in their ‘Nana Konadu for 2012’ round neck shirts and party colours, gave Nana Konadu Agyemang-Rawlings – a potential flagbearer of the NDC for 2012 elections – a breath taking welcome into the Accra Conference Centre.

When the former first lady mounted the stage to deliver her speech, she said: “I am indeed honoured by this massive show of support from across the length and breadth of Ghana towards a historic journey of hope and freedom not only for the NDC, but for our country Ghana.”

She noted that the National Democratic Congress (NDC) fought a good fight in 2008 and through the toil of millions across the country, the NDC managed to uproot a party that was shamelessly institutionalising corruption.

“We voted for a candidate who promised change and we all wanted that change. We had the conviction that once again, our country was going to benefit from the NDC ideals of probity, accountability, freedom and justice which are the bedrock of every nation. The governance we have experienced since 2009 does not inspire confidence or give Ghanaians any hope for the future.”

She stated that the current leadership has failed to pursue the NDC avowed commitment of defending the will of the people and establishing a government that is entrusted by the people. “A government with humility and sensitivity; a government devoid of arrogance and vindictiveness.”

“A true blooded NDC leadership does not buy support. A true blooded NDC leadership does not buy votes. We don’t buy votes, we work towards the votes. Indeed we don’t buy delegates.”
This tendency, she said, is destroying the spirit and the strength of the NDC and “it’s a shame”.

“As the party stands now, most Ghanaians are convinced beyond reasonable doubt that something dynamic and phenomenal has to happen in the NDC for 2012 victory. Yes, something phenomenal is going to happen and the most phenomenal thing that can happen is when the good people of Ghana, led first by the party delegates who carry the destiny of our party on their shoulders take a bold decision and call for real change on July 8, 9 and 10, when the party goes for congress in Sunyani.”

It can be recalled that Nana Konadu picked her nomination forms at the party headquarters on 3 May around 10:30am. It went down in the history books of Ghana that Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings is the first woman to pick a nomination form to contest a sitting president at the flagbearer ship level.

Mrs Rawlings said she performed that historic act because she feels the pain and despair that have engulfed the true supporters of the party.

“Having heard the cry of millions of our party supporters across the country, I cannot sit unconcerned and look on while our party, this party that you and I sacrificed to build. is brought crashing down on its knees by people who do not seem to have the growth of the party at heart.”

“The true NDC person knows that the time has come for a regeneration of the true spirit of devotion and loyalty of our party. The time has come to put an end to the politics that pursues division and return the NDC to a variable political party that will bring us together.”

As she brought her message to an end, she emphasised that; “I stand before you today to bring our party back on track”.

The founder of the NDC, Jerry John Rawlings explained when it was his turn to deliver his speech that since the day was for his wife, he was going to say two or three things and reserve the rest for June 4th.

He mentioned that: “the NDC started losing the 2012 election within the first week when they assumed power. We finally lost 8 months back and until we change gear, until we change the driver of this bus, we will lose the 2012 elections.”

“The congress slated for July should have taken place last year but when they conducted their search, they realised that this lady was going to beat them hands down. They changed it again to march and again to July. This time they can’t change it again. I supported Mills when all the people he put around him deserted him,” he said.


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