Monday, August 22, 2011

It ticked... tocked... ticked... tocked ...ticked... tocked
Severing ties with an umbilical chord
She arrived;
Her eyes, clear like the blue sky
Her nose, points like her father’s
Her red rose lips blossoms from Eden
Her hair, carefully curled by her creator
Her face, carved by angels, so beautiful
Beauty beyond imagination...

It yet ticks...tocks...ticks...tocks...ticks...tocks
Her firm grip resonates her mother’s strength
She slept like all the troubles in this world had been wiped away.
Suddenly, she smiled in her sleep...
Still ticking...tocking...ticking...tocking...ticking...tocking

Her smile brought tears to my face
Because indeed she was striking
Beauty straight from heaven
The smile faded, turned upside down
She suddenly turned pale
The warm strong grip loosened
The warmth was gone...

The grip felt cold, icy cold
There was no pulse, her heart turned stone
Deadened by a glance into Medusa’s eyes
Eyes of death
‘Bring back my beautiful girl’
‘Save the product of our love’
She was gone, back to her Creator...

Tick...but the clock did not tock
Neither could I talk
One minute, that is all we had with her
‘Why did u take her away?’
I saw my baby for only a minute
My one minute beauty, the love of my life
Pray for her, keep her safe
Till we meet again in our haven

Dedicated to all parents who lost their babies at birth


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