Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Forum of Governance and Justice (FGJ) has called on the Nation Communication Authority (NCA) to revoke the licenses of all Radio stations that in one way or the other incite violence through their medium.

FGJ made this call in relation to the reckless ethnocentric comments made by Kennedy Agyapong on Oman FM in connection to the recent disturbances in the Odododiodoo constituency and the aftermath of his arrest by the Police CID

“We make this call based on the fact that some Accra based radio stations were actively inciting people and were used to mobilise party supports in Accra as well as other regions of Ghana to invade the Police Head Quarters, where Kennedy Agyapong was being questioned by the Police CID. Such radio stations are a danger to our national peace and stability,” a statement issued by the group read.

The group made references to the 1994 genocide in Rwanda, adding that the a catastrophic event was largely enhanced by radio stations.

“Let us point Ghanaians to a telling case study; the 1994 genocide in Rwanda. The genocide, among the most appalling catastrophes of the 20th century was largely enhanced by radio stations. Prior to the genocide, radio stations were used to dehumanise potential victims. During the genocide, radio was used by extremist to mobilise and coordinate killings.”

“Clearly, the comments made by Hon. Kennedy Adjapong cannot be defended under any circumstance. Declaring war and calling on people of one ethnic group to harm people from other ethnic groups is genocidal and should not be tolerated.”

The group advised that the police should not only focus on Kennedy Agyapong’s comments but also on the radio stations which were used to mobilize party supporters in Ghana to invade the Police Head Quarters and courts as well.

“Yet, we must not just focus on his insensitive comments, for which he should be duly held accountable; we must also take action against media outlets, especially radio stations, which have developed the worrying habit of abusing the right to free speech. This right, which includes freedom of the press and other media, should not be used to promote hate speech and to incite violence. “


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