Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Gyedu-Blay Ambolley has descended heavily on the current administration of the Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA) saying its President, Bice Osei Kuffour and his executive are “clueless”.

The ace saxophonist, composer and rapper sounded worried about the current state of the music industry. He told NEWS-ONE that though it was a good thing to have young people in power, “the young kids at MUSIGA office don’t have a clue” when it comes to the structural management of the union.

“Some of them used to talk about youth empowerment. But when you talk about youth empowerment, it is the older folks that give you knowledge so that you can have a platform to stand upon and build,” Ambolley stated.

Bice Osei Kuffour also known as Obour happens to be the youngest president the union has seen since its establishment. Under his term, various young people like Tic Tac and Okyeame Kwame have been given the opportunity to serve the industry.

“The young kids at the MUSIGA office will have to know what it is to be able to have a ladder to stand on and build. Most of them fell into music because of the fame and other things which come with it. But talking about the structural aspect of it, they don’t have a clue,” Ambolley said.

On a scale of one to 10 Ambolley said he would place the performance of the current MUSIGA administration at two. His reason was that the current administration was just practicing what he called “trial and error tactics”.

“They don’t have any clue about the music industry because the music industry is called show business. The business is what brings in the income; the show is what makes people to identify what they can do. But with the current MUSIGA team, the business aspect of it, they don’t have a clue. Whatever that they doing there is just trial and error thing that they are doing. The fortunate part for them is government coming out with GH¢2 million to support them,” he added.

The sole aim of the union is to ensure the welfare of all musicians—both old and young—who are members. Since he was elected into office, the Obour-led administration has commenced several initiatives like the Aged Musicians Fund among others.

Obour and his team have even published a booklet that details his achievements for MUSIGA within his first year in office. He is perhaps the most accomplished MUSIGA president so far.

But the ‘Simigwa’ hit maker thinks “MUSIGA could have done a lot with that money like having a recording studio or letting the old musicians teach Music so that the youth can have something to stand upon.”

“In life, you have to walk your talk but for me I know the current MUSIGA administration is all about the talk. All they are doing is just creating the impression that, yeah they are doing something.”

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Namibian star and Big Brother; The Chase evicted housemate, Maria Nepembe has declared she loves Ghana’s representative, Elikem Kumordzi who is highly tipped to make history as the first Ghanaian to win Big Brother Africa.

“I love him. He is really a good person… Elikem and I were pretty close. We were extremely close. I love him; he is really a good person,” Maria told Francis Addo in an exclusive interview on Monday evening.

The beautiful lady has been in Ghana for some days now seeking prospects in the country’s entertainment industry. She is targeting television, radio and movie industries in Ghana.

“As far as I’m concerned Big Brother House has its bad side and its good side. But I see mostly the good side. I see it as a medium of unifying Africa as a continent. You get together and get to learn about our respective countries. Also it creates a lot of exposure … I always call it as a moment of self discovery and I think I really discovered myself in the house. It was a beautiful experience. The unity among us in the house and the respect was unique. Obviously, we are human beings and so we fight and argue but to me Big Brother is good to experience,” she said.

Maria continued: “Big brother has not only helped me on the personal level but also on the business side of life. I have been selected to emcee shows and I have done a lot of appearances back home. Things that I would have not done if I had not gone to Big Brother, you understand. Definitely Big Brother did me good; whether I get the money or not. I am in Ghana now but I would not have come here if not because of Big Brother.”

But on the negative side she said, “I have pictures of me with obviously my boobs all over the place. Basically the most negative thing that has happened. But it is ok. I have pretty boobs and I don’t really mind. People can look and admire it. That’s all they can do anyways.”

However, she said she was aware of it before entering the Big Brother House. “I missed the money but I will make that money. I was obviously disappointed when I was evicted. But also I felt I was there for five weeks and I did what I have to do and so I move on. I really feel I did my country and myself proud.”

Maria Nepembe

Maria was born at Ondangwa village in the northern part of Namibia and grew up with her mum. Her dad passed away when she was eight years old. At the age of four, she was moved the city to have better education. After high school, she enrolled at the University of Namibia where she read Public Relations.

Later, she relocated to Germany for two and half years to experience different cultures. But she returned to Namibia to work in her country. She worked with TV and radio stations and also dabbled in modelling. Maria is the ambassador for the Kiyola Media Group and the High Definition Hair Boutique. She is one of Namibia’s most influential people in the fashion and entertainment industry.

She is a household name in her country. She has modelled for many of Namibia’s big fashion designers such as Chakkira Claasen, Mc Bright Kavari, Kishwa, Amakeya, Modella, Nikola Conradie and David Tlale from South Africa. She has participated in beauty pageants such as Miss University Africa 2011 held in Bayelsa State Nigeria, where she was crowned first runner-up, and Miss Namibia 2012, where she made it into the top five finalists.

She said she saw the advert about Big Brother and decided to challenge herself; hence she went on the platform which is beamed to millions of TV audiences across Africa.

By Francis Addo

Ghanaian veteran presenter and artiste manager Jay Foley has been appointed by Nokia to represent Ghana as part of the panel of Judges for the Nokia Asha ‘Don’t Break Da Beat’ (DBDB) contest.

Speaking at a press briefing on Tuesday, Jay Foley admitted that he was highly honoured by the opportunity to represent Ghana on the panel of Judges.

“Hard work pays off and first of all I am very excited just for the fact that I got the recognition to lead the troops for us to go bring the $20,000 to Ghana. Secondly another thing that excites me is the fact that we have a major brand like Nokia stepping in to create opportunity for rappers. I’m that kind of person who is always looking out for new talent to push out there,” the General Manager for YFM, Jay Foley stated.

Interested contestants are to submit their rap lines from now till September 7, which should include three key features – WhatsApp, Dual SIM and Wi-fi- from Nokia’s new Asha 210 Dual SIM phone, via an entry form which can be found on the DBDB tab on the Nokia Ghana Facebook page.

“Just for the fact that Nokia has stepped in I know it is going to make the work little bit easier and that really excites me. We are definitely looking out for the best of the best in Ghana and we are going to take them to Nigeria and bring out the cash prize. Thank you Nokia for trusting my prejudgment, I really appreciate it and let us change the face of Ghana in this industry. We know Nigerians try and take some steps in the music, movie industry and all but this is the chance for Ghana to make it big in the areas we find ourselves,” Jay added.

According to David Anku, Retail and Customer Marketing manager for Nokia Ghana the DBDB contest which is open exclusively to rappers from Ghana and Nigeria is out to search for rappers who will be able to put together good rap lines which include the three key features from Nokia’s new Asha 210 Dual SIM phone.

“Over the course of the next three months, judges working both in Ghana and Nigeria will prune the contestants down to 100 contestants. This final squad will subsequently send in audio messages of their best lines. Based on the judging, this list will be further reduced after two more rounds to four contestants for the grand finale in Lagos, Nigeria. The mode of judging will include voting by the general public,” said Mr Anku.

To add to the whooping $20,000 cash prize, organisers of the event say the winner of the Nokia DBDB contest will also get a coaching session in the US with a recognized US producer.

By Nii Ogbamey Tetteh

Praye Honeho, leader of popular music duo, Praye, on Saturday turned down an interview attempt by Peace 104.3 FM, snubbed the station’s presenter who tried to interview him and slammed the phone on him during a live radio programme.

The musician, before slamming the phone, ordered the host, Akwasi Aboagye, on his award winning Entertainment Review show to first play the group’s two newly released singles before calling him back for any interview.

The incident took listeners, the host, his producer and panel members in the studio by surprise but they were in for a greater shock when the musician went ahead and put off his phone when the station tried calling him back.

Praye Honeho’s behaviour was rather surprising because Peace FM had played a pivotal role in making the group popular. The station’s morning show host, Kwame Sefa Kayi was instrumental in using his ‘Kokorkoo’ morning show to popularise Praye’s songs by playing them on every single edition of his show for several months unending.

Speaking on the station’s Entertainment Review on Saturday, leader of group Eugene Baah stated categorically that he was not ready to speak to anyone from the said station until he heard their new singles being played by the station.

Akwasi Aboagye, host of the show, who was seeking to clarify rumours that the music group, made up of Praye Tiatia-Big J and Praye Honeho-Eugene Baah, was on the verge of splitting because Praye Honeho believed Big J’s sweetheart, Selly, and her behaviour at the Big Brother Africa reality show, had brought shame and disrepute on the Praye brand, was however greeted with a sharp pinch.

“By your God’s grace and your insults I’m fine. Three weeks ago, we dropped some two singles- Forever Gone and Assemblyman-, let your producer find those two songs and play them right now. When you finish playing them, you can call me back,” Praye Honeho told Akwesi Aboagye before dropping the call.

But Eugene Sarfo Nkansah, producer of the show quickly noted on the show that the singles which Praye Honeho was talking about, were nowhere to be found; meaning the group had not even dropped their CD with Peace FM.

Even though some sympathizers of the group have, in their defence, stated that perhaps Praye Honeho was not in the right frame of mind, resulting in his rudeness on radio, others also believed that it was a deliberate act to get the station to play the group’s songs on air.

By Nii Ogbamey Tetteh
Popular YFM presenter and manager of Sarkodie, Sammy Forson allegedly received some thrashing in a brawl between him and an unnamed photographer after Channel O News’ live recording last Sunday at the Silver Towers in Accra.

Even though Sammy’s friends on YFM said he was just slapped, an eyewitness told Francis Addo he was rather handed a single heavy punch which landed him on the floor.

He interestingly did not reply after he got up. As if he was fleeing for his dear life, he reached for his phone to make a call; an obvious indication that he was calling for back up.

The incident which took place at the Silver Star Towers car park occurred some few minutes after the fastest rapper and BET award winner, Sarkodie had driven out.

Eyewitnesses said the fight started after Sammy allegedly insulted the photographer whose car somewhat blocked Sarkodie’s car, preventing him from moving out of the car park.

Sammy allegedly banged the photographer’s car with his hand while ordering him to move it.

Immediately the photographer moved his car forward, Sarkodie drove out and left Sammy behind.

The photographer then decided to inquire from Sammy why he banged his car, as Sarkodie could have blown his horn for him to move it.

But he was unfortunately greeted with insults, as Sammy went on to ask him if the car park belonged to his father.

“Your father,” Sammy allegedly yelled at the photographer who got angry and decided to engage Sammy physically.

Four security men allegedly tried to stop him but they could not until he got to Sammy and landed him a blow which got the man on the floor. Meanwhile, the identity of the photographer is yet to be uncovered.

By Francis Addo
Chief Executive of Ghanaian record label Bull Haus Entertainment, Bull Dog has urged local television stations to support, promote and encourage local TV production.

Lawrence Nana Asiama Hanson as he is called in real life is one of the industry players who have the view that if the amount of foreign content especially movies and soap operas are not reduced drastically on our local television stations, Ghanaians would eventually lose their legacy.

“The television stations should just support these young writers and producers.

Some of these people have series with nice storylines and beautiful concepts behind them which they can easily adopt, start showing and when people get interested, they can walk into any cooperate organization and seek for sponsorships but then if that production is not being aired, the investor doesn’t see it as a viable venture to invest their money in,” Bull Dog stated in an exclusive interview with Nii Ogbamey Tetteh.

Some programme managers in some of these television stations have also stated that they air these foreign soap operas because that is what the masses yearn for.

“It is not like Ghanaians enjoy these soap operas on our local TV stations but sometimes entertainment is brainwashing; what you feed me is what I get into so if we don’t push out the local stuff  it will continue to seem like we are enjoying the foreign content which, in fact, we are not,” Bull Dog said.

“Now what do we see on TV, some Mexican or Italian cheap thrash they call telenovelas. Back in the days, when the TV stations were showing the Sunset Beach and The Bold and the Beautiful among others, they were also showing Things We Do For Love, Inspector Bediako, Tentacles and the rest as well. But, Ghanaians loved and enjoyed the local productions better.”

According to the outspoken Bull Dog, it is a big indictment on the heads of those TV stations who will rather go and download what he calls ‘trash’ telenovelas for free, which in the long run will brainwash the young ones.

“It is sad we don’t’ appreciate what we have.

We are killing ourselves slowly with these telenovelas and foreign soap operas.

If the National Media Commission and the National Communication Authority can put together a regulation which says that the content of all local TV stations should be 80 percent local stuff and only 20 foreign, perhaps it could solve the problem.”

He therefore attributed most for societal vices to the foreign content being aired on our television stations.

“Our generation and the ones after them would be much better if they wake up to see local productions which tell the Ghanaian story and teach the Ghanaian values.”

By Nii Ogbamey Tetteh
Chief Executive of Slip Music, Mark Okraku Mantey, has sounded a strong warning to the president of the Musicians Union of Ghana, Bice Obour Osei Kuffour, against using the proceeds of the union’s Ageing Musicians Welfare Fund (AMWef) to satisfy the selfish needs of his executives and himself.

The Union under the leadership of Obour last Friday launched the fund to assist both the young and aged musicians in their various developmental projects.

“Obour, I’m talking to you, If you don’t know and you use these aged men and women to make money, I will never forgive you because the promise you have made to them, If you don’t know and I hear that you guys have turned this fund into your business and these old people are seen to be suffering, I will never forgive you,” Mark Okraku Mantey warned on a panel discussion on Peace fm’s Entertainment Review.

Even though Obour had earlier explained on the show that the AMWef would register and organize members of MUSIGA who are 60 years and above for a common purpose of assisting musicians financially or in kind, during severe illness or death and to compile their musical works and market them to support the artistes and the Fund, Okraku Mantey still insists that he knows that there is a venom which is spreading within the Union with regards to money.

“The venom which affects you people when you start something new and towards the end it messes up, will not affect you guys this time,” Okraku Mantey noted.

He therefore advised the MUSIGA boss to involve all his executives in his decision making, since most of the time, Obour is the only one heard and seen speaking about MUSIGA issues.

“I have a problem with the fact that you are seen fronting everything related to MUSIGA. The rest of the executives are not seen. Is it that they are not performing well, or you seem to be taking all the fans and you enjoy leading and want to be seen at affairs?” Mark quizzed.

The fund known as Ageing Musicians Welfare Fund (AMWeF) which would be managed by First Banc would work to improve the living standards of members and musicians in general.

By Nii Ogbamey Tetteh
Renowned Ghanaian Movie producer and director Socrates Safo has said that the recent influx of foreign content—movies and soap opera—on our local television stations, will cause an inevitable catastrophe if not attended to.

Speaking to Nii Ogbamey Tetteh, the controversial ‘Hot Fork’ producer admitted that currently “we are losing our identity us Ghanaians as a result of the increasing number of Mexican, Spanish and Latino telenovelas being shown on our TV stations”.

“It is just unfortunate that we have come to this point where we are seeing the decline in local production and it is very dangerous. This is a reflection of what the powers that be, who are supposed to think for the nation, are doing. It tells you that they are not thinking right in terms of the industry because when you leave the system for everybody to do what they want, a whole lot of things will be done,” Socrates said.

According to Socrates what was being aired on TV now is a form of infiltration of foreign culture which is gradually taking over the Ghanaian culture “and as a nation, when you lose your culture then it means you have lost your identity and it very dangerous.”

“These Telenovelas that we see on our screens were shot about five or six years ago. The producers have made their money already so it comes as cheap as sometimes $20 per episode. A lot of the stations don’t even pay for them; some even download them from the internet for free. So they don’t see why they should partner Ghanaian producers to come out with something that talks more about our culture,” he said.

He further urged the authorities to put in place laws that will ensure that majority of the content of these local TV stations were local based.

“We have so many television stations which is as a result of the fact that we have opened the airwaves but where is the regulation that is governing the airwaves?” he quizzed, adding that “there is no law governing the airwaves. All they did was to open a licensing department and they have regulations about licensing but there is no legislature for operation. Anyone who wants to dispute it should come out and give me that legislature.”

Ghana in the past produced some very educative and entertaining TV series including ‘Things we do Love’, ‘Ultimate Paradise’, ‘Inspector Bediako’, ‘Taxi Driver’ among others. But now it appears these Ghanaian productions have gone extinct.

“Now, it is economically suicidal for you as a Ghanaian producer to do a local television series because the TV stations are not ready to fund such projects. Also if you manage to get sponsors, some of them turn not to honour the contract you signed with them. Most of these stations are just selling their airtime and they are prepared to do whatever it takes including turning away local production for these foreign ones.”

Socrates Safo is currently putting together a new television series called ‘The Game’ which sources say will be telecast solely on UTV.

By Nii Ogbamey Tetteh

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A study conducted by the National Road Safety Commission (NRSC) has revealed that 75 per cent of tyres imported to Ghana have expired.

At a dialogue session to determine the best option in enforcing the minimum standards for second-hand tyres in Ghana recently in Accra, Rudolph Beckley, Deputy Director, Research, Monitoring and Evaluation at NRSC, stated that used tyres in Ghana increase the risk of vehicular accident by 30 per cent.

“Over 15 per cent of vehicles involved in fatal crashes in Ghana had some form of defect on their tyres prior to the crash. Motorists driving on worn tyres are mostly the party at fault in accidents,” Rudolph noted.

According to the deputy director, “Even if the tyre hasn’t been used but was imported 4 years after its year of manufacture, it is no longer usable.

He urged Custom officials, Ghana Revenue Authority, Ministry of Transport and other stakeholders to push for the passage of the Road Traffic Regulations, 2012 (L.I 2180) into law.

“If the L.I 2180 is passed into a law, then with the help of all the stakeholders, we can fish out the tyres which are not fit to be used on our roads,” he noted.

He however explained that 85 per cent of vehicle users check their vehicle tyre pressure when it is low.

“Good tyre pressure is necessary to prevent excessive uneven wear of the tyre because poor tyre pressure can lead to potential safety problems. But from all indications, most Ghanaians have poor maintenances practices.”

In Ghana, drivers consult vulganizers who are mostly ignorant about most of issues related tyres.

The NRSC therefore assured stakeholders of its readiness to involve tyre importers, vulganizers and the general public in their campaign to help reduce road accidents in Ghana.

Monday, March 18, 2013

International reggae artiste and songwriter Rocky Dawuni yesterday gave an impressive live performance at the much anticipated Ghana Music Week (GMW) organized by the Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA).
The seven-day music festival, which started on Monday, March 4, has a series of power packed events to keep music loving Ghanaians hyper throughout the festival.

Rocky, who has appeared in various concerts with Stevie Wonder, Peter Gabriel, Jason Mraz, Shaggy and K’naan among others, performed most of his hit songs at the event which attracted music lovers from all walks of life.

Soon after his performance, the reggae superstar said he was happy that the Ghana Music Week had provided an opportunity for all Ghanaian musicians to come together and work as a team to move the music industry forward.

Rocky Dawuni has performed on stages around the world including the Hollywood Bowl and his music has been featured on popular US television shows like ‘ER’, ‘Weeds’ and ‘Dexter’, as well as on Electronic Arts video game FIFA 08, FIFA 10 and the 2010 FIFA World Cup, South Africa.
Veteran Highlife musician and music rights advocate Rex Omar has applauded Tema hiplife crew R2Bees for getting the highest nominations for this year’s Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA).

In a discussion on Peace FM’s Entertainment Review, Rex Omar said: “If you listen to a group like R2Bees, there are some two songs that for me no one can tell me that they did not work hard to get on that list. They did very well.”

The ‘Abiba’ hit maker admitted that for a hip life group to release a song like ‘Odo’, it must have worked very hard and therefore deserved to be on the list of the various categories for which it was nominated.
The ‘Beela Trap’ singers got nominated in various categories including Artiste of the Year, Vodafone Ghana Song of The Year,  Hip-hop Song of The Year, Hip Life Song of The Year, Hip Life/Hip Hop Artiste of The Year, Highlife Song of The Year, Best Group of The Year and Best Male Vocal Performance.

Rex Omar also acknowledged the hard work and dedication that some Ghanaian musicians attached to the production of their works, adding that this year, he had heard thought-provoking songs from artistes like the Rap Doctor Okyeame Kwame and gospel artiste OJ among others.

“In terms of non religious songs or secular music, a lot of people came out who were not that bad but these are the guys who caught my attention,” Rex Omar stated.

Rex Omar was in the news recently for resigning from his position as a board member of the Ghana Music Rights Organization (GHAMRO)

In his resignation letter, the ace musician indicated that his decision to quit his post was because people were accusing the management and the board of lack of transparency and professionalism in the running of affairs.
The projects manager of the Dome at the Accra International Conference Centre, Fennec Okyere, has stated that the entertainment facility will be closed down to pave way for renovation.

“Management is not folding up the place forever. For some time now, we have been trying to find a way to close down the place so we can carry out some reconstruction works and rearrange chairs to accommodate more people since it has been the plea of all the event organizers in Ghana,” Mr Okyere confirmed.

The reconstruction will factor in things like new sitting arrangements, inbuilt sound, better lighting systems, and modern screens among others, to meet the modern standards of an entertainment facility.

The shutdown will last throughout the year but the projects manager assured all Ghanaians that the place would be ready in time to host all the December shows.

Over the weekend, the Dome was the venue for the funeral of the late David Lamptey, one of the major financiers of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC).
“The funeral of the late David Lamptey was the last event to be held there.

We will shut down right after the funeral and carry out the repair works till we are ready for December shows.
We met all those who requested booking for the place early this year and we agreed that for their interest and their own future comfortability with the venue, they have all agreed to come along with as in our preparation,” Mr Okyere noted.

It was a tough decision since the venue over the years had been the first port of call for all event organizers in Ghana.
Movie producer Shirley Frimpong-Manso has come under severe criticisms over reports that she will soon come out with another season of ‘Adams’ Apples’, which has already reached its tenth chapter.

What has worsened the plight of Shirley, Chief Executive of Sparrow Productions, is that she is on record to have criticized other movie producers for serializing their movies into several parts when they could have put the entire story into one.

There is even an audio recording making the rounds in which Shirley was heard clearly saying she would not extend the ‘Adams’ Apples’ series because she had set certain principles for herself.

Reports that the Sparrow Chief Executive is about to go against the said principles is what has earned her some public bashing, spearheaded by Kwesi Agoagye, host of Peace FM’s Entertainment Review.

“When Danfo B.A. was producing ‘Kyeiwaa’ part one to like part 20, everyone was criticizing the producer and accusing him of collapsing the movie industry. Now we are here, someone is doing the same thing. If no one will talk about it, me I will talk,” Kwesi Aboagye mentioned on his show last Saturday.

The Ghanaian film director, writer, and producer was captured on tape some time in 2012 telling Socrates Sarfo -another movie producer-  that she was never going to extend the Adams’ Apples’ series beyond chapter five  because there were certain standards she had set that she was not ready to go against.

“I’m also sitting here and saying that I will never do it. When it gets to that extent, I will stop because there are some standards that I have set and I will never go below it,” Shirley was captured on tape telling controversial movie producer Socrates Sarfo, who is best remembered for shaving the pubic hair of an actress.

Kwesi Aboagye expressed surprise that nobody in the industry was talking about Shirley’s production like they criticized Danfo B.A. over the ‘Kyeiwaa’ movies
“I am not saying no one should buy the movie but my worry is the hypocrisy people have attached to the whole thing.

Why was Danfo B.A criticized and no one is talking about ‘Adams’ Apples?” Aboagye wondered.
Socrates Sarfo was credited as an industry prophet on the show for predicting correctly where Sparrow Productions was heading with its ‘Adams’ Apples’ movie.

Meanwhile, Shirley explained at the premiere of the second season of the ‘Adams’ Apples’ installment on Valentine’s Day that a new season of the movie would continue as a television series on DStv and some local TV stations as well.

The movie still has cast like Joselyn Dumas, Naa Ashorkor, John Dumelo, Anima Misa and Adjetey Annang among others.
Information reaching Nii Ogbamey Tetteh indicates that Joy FM presenter and DJ Nii Ayi Tagoe had schemed successfully to prevent hiplife artiste, Guru, of ‘Lapaz Toyota’ fame from making it on the nomination list of the 2012 Ghana Music Awards.

Nii Ayi Tagoe, a member of the award’s board, allegedly lobbied board members to drop Guru and his songs from the nomination list, although some of the board members had put ‘Lapaz Toyota’ under a couple of categories on the nomination list.

The popular ‘Lapaz Toyota’ song was on the lips of virtually all music lovers and also rocked at several shows but did not get a single nomination.
A source has disclosed that he has “evidence that Nii Ayi Tagoe is the one who personally asked that Guru’s song should be removed from the list.”

According to him, he overheard the DJ, the son of the former Vice Chancellor of the University of Ghana, telling the rest of the board that ‘Lapaz Toyota’ was released around October 2011, a date which was out of the board’s year under review.
“He specifically told the board that Guru released the song in October 2011, out of the calendar year, so it did not qualify him to be placed in any category,” the source revealed to Nii Ogbamey Tetteh.

Meanwhile, Nii Ayi Tagoe, who outlined the various reasons why Guru was dropped from the nomination on Gh-One’s ‘Pundit’ show (confirming what the paper’s source had hinted), said as to whether or not he asked for Guru’s track to be dropped, he was not ready to talk about it.

The source noted that some members on the boards whose names he would not mention, were willing to overlook that small error the ‘Lapaz Toyota’ hit maker seemed to have committed but  “Nii Ayi Tagoe insisted that he should be pulled of the list”.

Guru has openly expressed his displeasure towards Charter House and the VGMA board for leaving out his hit song in their nomination list.
Before he was appointed this year onto the board of the VGMA, Nii Ayi Tagoe was one of the very vocal critics of the music event.

According to the source, after receiving fat sitting allowances from the various board meetings, Nii Ayi Tagoe’s sense of criticism had suddenly gone in the other direction in terms of the nomination list.
“I remember how he used to bash some of the artistes that got nominated in the previous years but this year’s nomination, which is raising a lot of controversies, he is quickly defending them. He even used to bash the board,” he said.
Controversial music duo, Wanlov the Kuborlor and M3nsa, who are renowned for their unique pidgin lyrics and the humor they attach to their music, have denigrated some personalities in the Ghanaian Music Industry in their new track.

The ‘Kote Duro’ hit makers, in their new song ‘What You Dey Fear’ labeled D-Black as the worst emcee in Ghana currently.

They also described Becca as the worst singer in Ghana currently.

When Nii Ogbamey Tetteh caught up with M3nsa and Wanlov the Kuborlor, they explained that they do not have any beef with the ‘Oh Vera’ singer but insisted D-Black was the worst MC.
“We tell him anytime we meet him that he is the worst emcee in Ghana and like we said in the song, Yaa Pono the currently the best emcee,” Wanlov said.

The afro pop queen Efya was mentioned in the controversial song as being the best singer.
The mentioning of Blakk Rasta’s name in the song showed that bad blood between the broadcaster and the FOKN Bois still exists.
Ghanaian rap sensation D-Black has attributed the secret behind his success in his music career to a PHD he has.

“I don’t have a social life because I’m always in the studio. Another thing is I pray a lot; I’m hard working and I’m dedicated to what I do. So you can say I have a PHD,” D-Black noted.

According to the PHD (Prayer, Hard work, Dedication) holder who is known in real life as Desmond Kwesi Blackmore, the word impossibility did not exist in his vocabulary. He said so far as he had his PHD, all his dreams would come true.

“I’m a very positive person and nothing to me is impossible. I literally tell myself that I can achieve greatness. As far as I have my PHD, all my dreams will come true,” he said.

The ‘Vera’ hit maker, who has been in the music industry for about three-and-half years now and has two albums attributed to his name, said he went in for the PHD because his greater goal in his life was to be the biggest act from Africa.

D-Black, in an interview with Eddy Blay, recounted that when he started, he preferred the business side of the entertainment industry to the stardom that surrounded it but that preference had since change.

“When I started, I wanted to be an event’s organizer, promoter and an artiste manager but after I teamed up with Kwaku T to do a rap project-which allowed me to explore my talent for- I decided to I could take another step by going solo,” the ‘I Like Girls’ hit maker noted.

D-Black’s first album, ‘Music, Love and Life’, was an immediate hit. He recently signed a $150,000 brand ambassador deal for communication giants Rlg.
Yaa Pono, the uptown energetic rapper from Pigen Music, has in his latest single dissed some of the well-noted Emcees in the music industry.

The diss track was released weeks after the controversial music duo Foes Of Kwame Nkrumah Bois (FOKN) named Yaa Pono in its ‘What you dey Fear’ song as the best Emcee.

The ‘Good morning’ hit maker Yaa Pono, in his ‘Bayla Trap’ remix song, punched hard at the Rap Doctor Okyeame Kwame and his fellow Tema boys R2Bees.

“I’m so shocked that after 20 years your trap has now caught Bayla,” Nii Ogbamey  gathered from a verse in the Yaa Pono’s new single.

‘Bayla’ is the local name given to a bush rat in Ga.
A line in the song also meant that if R2Bees had caught a bush rat with its ‘Bayla Trap’, it should enjoy its bush meant while Hiplife artiste Asem made all the money in the industry.

Yaa Pono compared the Rap Doctor Okyeame Kwame in the track to a Nigerian ‘Lil Wayne’. Why he did that baffles critics in the industry.

Nii Ogbamey  can confirm that Yaa Pono’s track was released as a direct reply to R2Bees’s ‘Bayla Trap’ song which was meant to tell the rest of the Hiplife artistes that it (R2Bee) had struck gold in its music career and was leaving the rest of them behind.
Sensational musician of Ghanaian-Romanian parentage, Wanlov Da ‘Kubolor’  has told Nii Ogbamey Tetteh he is a gospel musician even though he happily showed his naked hairy penis to TV and radio presenter, Delores Frimpong Manso on her celebrity talk show, ‘Delay’, and sparked a record controversy.

Kubolor said he and his partner M3nsa are gospel musicians although their group, ‘FOKIN Bois’, is noted for profanity in several songs.

The ‘thank God we are not a Nigerians’ hit maker, in an exclusive interview with News One, pointed out that the word gospel is derived from the Old English word gōd-spell which means “Good News or Good Spell”, which is expected to make people happy.

Therefore since the lyrics in the FOKN Bois’ songs make their listeners happy, they are in one way or the other doing gospel music.
“The word Gospel is a general word that had nothing to do with Christianity until after the death of Christ when Christians adopted the word.

“A lot of people have tried to chastise or rebuke people with their songs but it doesn’t work.
We the FOKN Bois on the other hand, use the secondary school approach where you tease people so hard that they stop certain bad habits,” Kubolor explained.
The FOKN Bois are noted all over the world for their unique pidgin music and the kind of humor they attach to their music.

Some time ago, the single ‘thank God we are not a Nigerians’ was a hit song in Ghana, Nigerian and beyond because of its comical nature.
Since showing his penis on Delay’s show, Wanlov says he had released an apology song he calls Kote Duroi to all who felt offended by his act.

Wanlov also hinted News One that he, together with his music partner Mensa, was in the studio working on the second chapter of the movie ‘Coz of Moni’.

The ‘Cos of Moni’ movie, upon its release in 2010, was described by movie lovers as the world’s first ever pidgin movie and Ghana’s first original music satire movie.
Ghanaian comedian and new musician DKB, who hit the news last year for slapping housemate, Zinab when he represented Ghana at the 2012 Big Brother Africa reality show, has used the word ‘Dunaa’ (which means buttocks) in his new single.

The song ‘Winner,’ which is supposed to rally support for the Black Stars of Ghana as they begin the 2013 African Cup of Nations Tournament (AFCON) featured Nigerian comedian, Hogan who performed both at the 1013 and 1014 Laughs and Music.

DKB rapped “…my friend Asamoah Gyan bi the winner. If you don’t understand then you be holy sinner, he dey scatter Super Eagles pass Chicken Dunaa.”

The idea behind the song is said to have originated from an argument between the two comedians on Blackberry Messenger to find out which country was the best when it comes to football.
The names of great African footballers like Asamoah Gyan, Yakubu Ayigbemi, Dede Ayew, Richard Kingson, Obafemi Martins, among others were mentioned in the song.

The song, which is being played by radio stations in Nigeria, has failed to get attention because of the word ‘Dunaa.’
The Black Stars of Ghana and the Super Eagles of Nigeria have had the strongest form of rivalry on the pitch since the beginning of time.

The AFCON tournament, which will be played in South Africa, will host the best teams across Africa.  Opening ceremony for the tournament will take place on January 19.
Football analysts have already named Ghana as tournament favourites.
Sydney-based Ghanaian gospel rapper and songwriter DISCIPLE has been adjudged artiste of the year in Australia and Asia by the Africa Gospel Music Association (AGMA).

The executive body of the AGMA who recognized the good job the young Ghanaian musician was doing across the world decided to crown his good work with an award.

Sources close to the gospel musician said he was very delighted to pick up the award.
DISCIPLE started writing poetry and converting them into rap at age 15 but by 2009, the approach to his art form changed and a contemporary approach was taken.

Since then, DISCIPLE has worked on a concept which he recently released this year called ‘In Their Shoes’ – where he got people from the bible who influenced him, studied their stories and then gave a contemporary/urban twist to them so he can relate them to the desired audience.

DISCIPLE, since joining the urban ministry ‘The Commission’, has been doing tours and feeding the homeless, with the aim of spreading hope, faith and love.
In all things done, there is one thing that always remains and that is the fact that the Ghanaian gospel artiste does not shy away from his faith.

He is a proud, unashamed Christian who understands the importance of sharing the love of Christ without condemning people.
He hopes to achieve all these through his music.
Model, Television Presenter, Fashion Designer and Singer, Debroah Venessa (kid sister of controversial musician  Wanlov The Kubolor), is one of the newly emerged musicians making waves very fast on the music scene and the fact that she has not been sighted with a male, be it a friend, lover or husband, has sparked speculations that she may be a lesbian.

“Hell no, I’m not a lesbian, I’m not even a bisexual, I’m straight and I love men,” she said in an exclusive interview with Nii Ogbamey Tetteh.
She explained that even though she is not a fan of gay and lesbian relationship, she does not believe that people should be condemned based on their sexuality.
“I don’t think they should be condemned because we are all human beings and we need to respect their rights and their sexualities. Since we are not God, we can’t explain why a person feels a certain way,” she said.

Meanwhile, the entertainer says she is enjoying the popularity her song ‘Uncle Obama’ is getting after her interview on CNN to clarify issues on the song. She said the number of views on her YouTube page shot up massively after the interview

Singer Deborah Vanesa has said unlike her brother Wanluv Kubolor, she can’t leave home without wearing underwear.
“I can’t do without a bra. Unlike my brother I always wear underwear,” she told Fashion 101 host Sandra Ankobiah.

Vanessa’s response was to a question on what she can’t leave home without. On a typical day at home, Vanessa explains she could do without make up but would go for a nice Tan top, and what she prefers to call “nice chale wote”.
Touching on her flawless sense of fashion, the ‘Uncle Obama’ singer says most of her designs are inspired by works from the 20s and 50s, adding that she would normally go for a touch of elegance, colour and quirkiness.

“I take inspiration from the 20s and 50s,” she said.
Apart from the extensive one on one interview with Vanessa, last weekend’s Fashion 101 looked at fashion editorials and how it can be improved locally.
Resident panel member Chester Ani, as well as two guest panel members, Charlene Asare and Rachqael Williams, expressed varying views on the subject.

All three, however, agreed there is a lot more to be done in that department if Ghana is to be taken serious as an emerging fashion powerhouse.
A member of the Peer Pressure Crew, Kwame Farkye, has said he prefers working on radio to television because, according to him, radio gives him freedom to do to do his ‘thing’.
The former XFM presenter who hosted the maiden edition of GH One’s ‘The Next Big Thing’ said even though he looked forward to more of television, radio had always been his thing.

“I was introduced to TV by my friend Eddy Blay but radio has always been my thing.
I think it’s the freedom to do my thing and steer the show that way I want,” Kwame revealed in an interview with broadcaster Eddie Blay.

The ace radio and TV personality, who is popularly known as Mr Swift, also applauded Ghanaian Hip life group R2Bees and D-Black for stepping up and taking their spot when the industry was tossing them around.
“You have to go out and get it which is what the guys did.”

Mr Swift, who has been off radio for some time now, also hinted that he would back on air soon.
“I have always had a passion for radio and yeah I will b returning to radio soon. You will be hearing me on radio shortly,” Mr Swift noted.

Kwame Farkye has also been involved in event planning, consulting and artiste management. He was one of the event handlers at the Wyclef concert in 2008.
In an attempt to defend her fellow countrymen, Nigerian actress Tonko Dikeh has jabbed Ghanaian dancehall icon Emmanuel Samini for questioning the originality of their ‘Alingo’ dance.
Samini threw a lyrical punch at Nigerian duo P-Square for stealing Ghana’s Azonto dance and modifying it into Alingo in his cover song.

But Tonto, who took offence, poured her frustration on social platform twitter, saying: “Azonto is Azonto n Alingo is Alingo!
So waz his stress gosh! Ova d years 9ja has been bringin out dif dance moves no diss of copywrit!”

Several Ghanaians have suggested on social platform Facebook and Twitter that the Nigerians are bitter because they did not create the Azonto dance.
“Why not Azonto and Alingo meet face to face in an international dance competition and let’s see which has got swag,” a comment sampled from twitter.com stated.

Tonto noted that sometimes she wondered why most Ghanaians always looked for “Nigerian’s trouble”.
“ @samini_dagaati HEY hold it rit dere! cuz if u think abt startin drama here on twitter beliv me am ready to bring it to your door stepOK,” she added.

According to the Nigerian actress, respect was the key of life and she believed Alingo was Alingo and Azonto was also Azonto “so sit in your zone and stop throwing stones to the glass house”.
The trend on various social platforms online suggests that a lot of Ghanaians are in favour of the campaign   Samini is championing.

Peter Okoye, a member of the music duo P-square, also tweeted, “Don’t you worry your pretty little mind. People throw rocks @ things that shine”. The group has not made any official statement on the issue.
After four years of lyrical hibernation, Ghanaian lyricist Okra Tom Dawidi has bounced back with an apology song.
In his new single titled ‘Winner for Life’, Okra Tom Dawidi renders apologies to his fans all over the world for the inconsistencies that occurred in his music career.
“I have been absent for some time but now I am here to stay. Sorry for the delay but I have things to say. Anyway to my loyal fans I have a price to pay,” the Okra Tom lamented in his track.
Okra, who is currently in the studio working on his new album, told Nii Ogbamey Tetteh that he was missing in action mainly because he had to concentrate on schooling and tackling some other financial problems pertaining to his music.
“I was MIA for all these years because I had to take care of certain important things in my life like preparing for my Diploma in Business Studies (DBS) exams and trying to put things in place.
I also had to work out some financial problems related to my music career,” the versatile and thought-provoking lyricist stated.
Okra, who is known in real life as Emmanuel Ralph Kotei Nikoi, hinted the paper that since ‘Azonto’ was the new trend in Ghanaian music, he had a massive Azonto track for his fans.
“I have been working in the studio on so many songs and trust me, my fans will get a feel of the Azonto flavour from me as well,” Okra said.
Okra is best remembered for his brilliant wordplay, fiery flow and a nasally, aggressive voice in his ‘Ayeeko’ track which featured Tinny and Obrafour in the ‘Execution Diary’ compilation.
Model, Television host and fashion designer Deborah Vannesa whose song won her an international interview on CNN has revealed that her pet monkey resembles American singer, songwriter, rapper and actor Chris Brown.
Interestingly, Deborah, sister of Wanlov De Kubolor, has named her monkey Kiko aka Kiko-Brieezy, the same nickname Chris brown uses.
Monkey Kiko can be described as a ‘celebrity monkey’ after it appeared in a CNN interview for the role it played in the ‘Uncle Obama’ hit-track and also followed Deborah to some of her public music performances.
“I’m not saying Chris Brown looks like a monkey but rather, my monkey looks like Chris Brown…The funny thing is, Chris Brown also owns a monkey and we both posted pictures of our monkeys on twitter”, Deborah told Nii Ogbamey Tetteh in an exclusive interview.
The ‘Uncle Obama’ hit maker also added that not only did  the  11-month-year-old monkey in a way looked like Chris Brown but it had blonde hair and could dance like him too.
Deborah also revealed  that she was planning on getting a ‘girlfriend’ monkey for Kiko since it sometimes gets lonely.
The former late night celebrity show host who replaced Dzifa briefly on Etv said she fed her famous monkey with grapes, pears, apple and bananas from the Koala shopping centre.
“My monkey eats a lot of fruits, boiled yam, rice and stew but I don’t give Kiki meat because it is not healthy for him.”
The monkey, whose scientific name is   ‘patas monkey’, is a ground-dwelling monkey found around semi-arid areas of West Africa, and into East Africa was said to have been  bought in the Northern part  of Ghana.
Controversial musician Wanlov da Kubolor has described radio personality Blakk Rasta as a hypocrite.
What seemed like a raging lyrical war that started between the two on social media  platforms generated into something else when Blakk Rasta admitted on a Kumasi-based radio station, Luv FM that uncontrolled anger had made him call  Wanlov  a ‘coke head’.
Kubolor told Nii Ogbamey Tetteh in an exclusive interview that he thinks Blakk Rasta has a serious problem.
“The fake guy admitted on radio that he called me a coke head because he was angry.
He also claimed that he is not too big to apologise if he errs, but in the same breath, he won’t be forced to apologise.
You see his hypocrisy,” the ‘Cote Duro’ hit maker said.
Meanwhile, Blakk, in an earlier interview, had revealed that he and Wanlov were cool and that he would hug him anywhere he met him. He also noted that Wanlov’s Valentine’s Day comment was a gimmick to be more popular.
But the non-footwear wearing Wanlov told the paper that he also knew Blakk Rasta was enjoying all the attention his Valentine’s Day comment brought him and that anytime he insulted Blakk on any social platform, people kept asking him who the Blakk guy was.
“Blakk Rasta is a liar; we have not met since the late great Cephas Sackitey’s tribute and I will never greet or go on to even hug a person who gives false evidence against me,” he emphasized .
He therefore vowed that he would always insult or incite Blakk so he did not forget about their unfinished business.
Musician Wanlov the Kubolor never ceases to amaze; he walks about wearing a skirt with no underwear and no footwear.
Kubolor has told  Nii Ogbamey Tetteh that he would have loved to be turned into a homosexual just so he could have a romantic date with Ghana’s reggae artiste of the year, Blakk Rasta.
“For Vals Day, God should turn me into a gay so that I can go on a romantic date with Blakk Rasta, listening to the instrumentals of the D-Black’s Vera,” Wanlov told the  reporter.
“I want this wish because I want Blakk Rasta to know that gays are cool and not people who are out to rape you or anything,” he said, adding, “I only want to be gay and achieve that dream with Blakk Rasta and no one.  After the date, then I will want God to make me straight again.”
It is shocking that Wanlov would want to express such thoughts in a country where homosexual relationships are considered both an abomination and a crime.
He however explained that the reason behind this wish was because the ‘conscious’ Blakk Rasta had been ‘bashing’ gays and lesbians in the world, quoting him, “I’m am allergic to pro-gay people.”
But Blakk, in response, told the paper he was not interested in dating a gay because his ‘Rastafarianism’ frowned on such acts.
“Kubolor’s sister, Deborah Vanessa, said on 4syte TV last time that she was dying to date me; why won’t I do her for Valentine instead of the brother?
“I am a Rastaman and we do not take gay relationships lightly.
It is not as if we do not know that gays have their basic human rights but we do not support what they do, as in having sexual intercourse with a person of same sex.

Black Stars striker Asamoah Gyan has been named the funniest, craziest, best singer and dancer in the team’s camp at Port Elizabeth in South Africa.
“He is more like our entertainment prefect. He is the best singer, the funniest guy, and of course the best dancer in the team,” his fellow teammates said before their defeat to Mali on Saturday.
The Ghanaian striker, who was criticised over his performance at the just-ended African Cup of Nations (AFCON) tournament in South Africa in which Ghana placed fourth, is said to be the leader when it comes to their ‘Jama’ sessions.
“Asamoah Gyan is the craziest and can sing a lot. When it comes to jama, he is the best,” his teammate John Painstil hinted.
Asamoah Gyan and Agyemang Badu both named their senior colleague John Painstil as the player who motivates them at their training sessions and even during the game.
“Solomon Asante and Wakasu are the guys who train very hard during our training sessions. Agyemang Badu is the laziest and clumsiest at the camp,” Kwadwo Asamaoh and John Painstil said.
After placing fourth at the tournament, it is unclear if broken-hearted Ghanaian football fans will be at the airport to welcome the Black Stars.
Sources close to Nana Ama McBrown have revealed that the  car crash which almost claimed her life last week could have been  an assassination attempt possibly because of Maxwell, her reported lover boy.
“Nana Ama is very famous and has made so many enemies consciously or unconsciously.
Maxwell is gradually growing in the industry and has made some many enemies. We believe strongly that some hit men were hired to take them out,” a source close to McBrown said.
“Anybody can be a suspect for assassination attempt, even me. It could be an angry ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend trying to settle a score with them,” another source revealed .
Popular actress Nana Ama was in a black Range Rover with her lover Maxwell Mensah around 2am on the George Walker Bush Motorway, last Wednesday, heading towards their residence at Mallam, when the ill-fated incident happened.
Upon approaching the Lapaz traffic lights which were then blinking amber, a vehicle from nowhere rammed into their Range Rover.
They were rushed to the 37 Military Hospital whilst unconscious and the actress was immediately whisked to the Intensive Care Unit.
Maxwell also suffered a fractured arm.
Nii Ogbamey Tetteh can confirm that Maxwell Mensah has dated several female celebrities in the industry, with sexy saucy singer Mzbel being one of his conquests.
Though not proven beyond doubt, names like actress Vicky Zugah and singer Diamond have also been linked to him.
Nana Ama has also dated a few top shots in Ghana including Okyeame Kwame and Nana Wiafe Akenteng, an Ashanti chief. She was also linked to actor Omar Sherif but she has denied that link.
Publicist for Nana Ama McBrown, Eugene Osafo Nkansah said the actress was currently on admission at the Yaa Asantewa Ward (F2) of the 37 Military Hospital and responding to treatment.
She has a P.O.P on her right arm because she dislocated a bone on that arm.
Meanwhile, the Tesano Police say they are investigating circumstances that led to the near fatal accident involving the actress and her lover.
DSP Ernest Acheampong, the Tesano Divisional MTTU Commander, said because of the conflicting accounts of the incident by the persons involved, the police were conducting further investigations to ascertain the true cause of the accident.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Outgoing Minister for Communications, Haruna Iddrisu has stated that the construction of the Data Centre of the Ministry is going as planned.

The Minister inspected the progress of the project said the intelligent building will serve the purpose of storage protection and security of National Data from all Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies (MMDAS) across the country.

“Our determination as government is to ensure that we avoid the emergence of silos and to have shared resourced infrastructure to provide for security of National Data. So that when any ministry burns down, we will not panic because there would be a back up of every detailed information that would have been stored on a digital platform,” Haruna Iddrisu noted.

According Minister for Trade and Industry designate, the National Data Centre, upon its completion, will serve generations to come in terms of access and storage of data across the country.

“I hope that all MMDAS will take advantage it to improve upon data so that if the freedom of information bill becomes law, its reliability and sustenance as a legislation will depend upon the availability of data so that government will be compelled to make the data available for public consumption,” Haruna Iddrisu said.

The building if completed is speculated to house a number of important agencies under the Ministry of Communication such National Information Technology Agency –which will be largely responsible for information technology management in Ghana-  and Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES).

The foundation of the entire programme was laid by the President John Dramini Mahama, who was then vice president of Ghana.

According to Mr Iddrisu , the president will  commission the intelligence building come July 30, 2013, by which time the
Trades Union Congress (TUC) boss, Kofi Asamoah has expressed disgust at the current working conditions of domestic workers across the country.

Mr. Asamoah, at an advocacy seminar on the International Labour Organization’s recommendation for domestic workers, said even though a lot of homes and organizations employ the services of domestic workers, their rights are not respected.

“In the foreign countries, being a domestic worker pays but in Ghana, domestic workers are not respected. They do not receive minimum wages and their working conditions are very poor,” Mr. Asamoah underscored.

He said “most domestic workers are subjected to various forms of physical, emotional and sexual abuse. There is no system to monitor the times they start working and when they are to close. Some domestic workers are made to work throughout the day because there is nothing like an appointment letter which defines their nature of work.”

The TUC and the Employers Association of Ghana are expected to work endlessly with the government to help improve the lives of domestic workers in Ghana.

A member of the Leadership and Advocacy for Women in Africa, Margaret Kutsoati, in a keynote address, stated that domestic work was one of the oldest professions in the world and that the rights of such workers must be respected.

She said, “In Ghana, domestic workers are needed from cradle to the grave. Most people experience the services of a domestic worker at infancy in the form of nannies, adolescence in the form of drivers, parenting in the form of house helps and during old age as care givers.”

The International Labour Organization states that 13.5 per cent of domestic workers are women and their welfare are not guaranteed. 

In most cases, domestic workers are family members while in other case they are total strangers. 

They are not considered to be workers because there is no regulatory body that protects their right.

Friday, February 8, 2013

THE DIRECTOR for the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research - Animal Research Institute (CSIR-ARI), Dr Baba Abdulai Salifu, has cautioned encroachers on a 1335.96 acres property at Katamanso near Accra to relocate for a demolishing exercise to begin.

After battling in court with the squatters for close to seven years, Dr Salifo disclosed at a press conference that the CSIR-ARI suit at the high court has been cleared and judgment given in favour of the council. 

According to him, the council now has the legal backing to demolish all structures numbering over 500 found within the catchment area around Katamanso, off the Dodowa road.

Dr Salifo recounted that some of his staff, in an attempt to stop encroachers from developing their sites, were physically assaulted by the squatters and some other people who claimed to be land guards.

“In June 2006, we acquired an interim injunction from the high court restraining over 178 defendants and their agents from having anything to do with the land. The grant of interim injunction did little to deter the encroachers from developing and even reselling the land. The encroachment rather escalated with instances of insecurity perpetuated against the staff of Institute,” Dr Salifu said.

A tour around the institute’s site revealed that some of the encroachers had destroyed pipelines laid to convey water from the dam to the institute. 

A Nigerian who claimed he bought the dam and lands surrounding it has put up a resort very close to the dam. He has been preventing cattle belonging to the institute from drinking from the dam. 

“This water body needs to be protected from further pollution and we invite the Environmental Protection Agency and Water Commission to come to our assistance,” Dr Salifo lamented.

Fenced land reserved by the institute as pasture and also for agro-forestry research has been heavily encroached with the fences destroyed.

The council warned the general public against purchasing land in surroundings areas noting that; “Unsuspecting members of the public who after this warning still purchase lands on the facility are doing so at their own risk. Those who have already own lands illegally should stop further development and pack off and perhaps get back to those who sold the land to them for their money”

Dr Salifu advised that for every land acquisition process that was carried out Ghana, it was necessary for due diligence to be undertaken before any payment was done. Appropriate permit should be acquired from the appropriate authorities before any development of the land commences.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Deputy Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Ghana Trade Fair Company Limited (GTF), Nana Kwame Ofori-Amanfo, has stated that the company will fall on banks in the country to bail it out of its financial mess if other avenues fail to succeed.

The company recently sent an SOS message to the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning (MOFEP) for assistance.

The company’s accounts have been garnisheed by the courts but its lawyers are currently in court to overturn that ruling, Nana Ofori-Amanfo explained.

“There is a positive response from the MOFEP. Since there is a new Minister, I am sure the ministry is currently working on the budget for Ghana. In the worst scenario, we will fall on the banks to grant us loans so we can clear our debts but the Ministry’s response is a positive one,” Mr Ofori-Amanfo revealed in an interview.

The Deputy CEO pointed out that the even though the company was indebted, it was not highly indebted as portrayed by the media.

“We are indebted but not highly indebted like you people are saying. We still have some money we can use in managing this company,” Mr Ofori-Amanfo said.

At an event to launch the 17th Ghana International Trade Fair yesterday, management of the company said it had invested over GHC250,000 to run promotions, carried  renovation works and put in place reliable security service, amongst others  to ensure that this year’s International Trade Fair, themed: “Trade and Industry, Heralding Ghana’s Economic Growth” becomes a success.

The Deputy CEO hinted that the fair will host over 450 exhibitors from around the world.

He therefore pleaded with the general public to patronize the event just like other entertainment events on Trade Fair grounds.

Noting that there would be numerous foreign exhibitors at this year’s event, he called on local exhibitors to quickly register in order to secure a place.

THE CHAIRMAN of the Lepers Aid Committee, Reverend Father Andrew Campbell has asked Ghanaians to stop discriminating against cured lepers in the country.

Leprosy is facing huge stigmatization in Ghana and Africa, but Rev Campbell said the disease, like any other, can be cured and after it is cured; the person who was infected can go about living life normally.

Rev Campbell disclosed this when he was addressing group of cured lepers during the 60th world leprosy day which was held at Nkanchina Number 2 in the Northern Region.

“People suffering from the disease are discriminated against by their families and society but lepers are human beings and they deserve to be treated as such. In the past, people were banished from their towns because they had leprosy. Even after they are cured, people treat them like they are not human beings,” Father Campbell said.

The world Leprosy Day is celebrated in the last Sunday of January each year in remembrance of the great Mahatma Gandhi who championed a course to eradicate the stigmatization against lepers around the world.

The Lepers’ Aid Committee in collaboration with District Assemblies Common Fund with support from other groups and individuals made numerous donations to cured Lepers at Nkanchina. 

“We want to help you to live, we want to share what we have with you, and we want to make life happier for you. You are important and we will help you at all times,” Rev Campbell said before handing over the items to the cured lepers.

 “After hearing about you, President John Mahama personally gave me 30 bags of rice and 5 gallons of cooking oil to give to you, Domod Aluminum Limited also donated cooking utensils. Member of the Christ the King Catholic Church also gave out several things to be given to you.” 

As at now, the Nkanchina no. 2 leprosarium has 90 inmates therefore the District Assemblies Common Fund has agreed to give fifteen cedis per head per week to help improve the living standard of the cured lepers. They have also pledged to construct concrete structures so the cured lepers can relocate to from their mud houses.

Talk show Mongul and Musician  Jon Germain has endorsed the fast rising Ghaiania hiplife artiste ‘Mudulo The Ga Boy’ as his farvourite rapper in Ghana.

“He is the new kid on the block and months after listeing to his songs, he has become my favourite rapper in Ghana.Super skilled with his words and  how he puts it together, mixing it with the UK-tin and GA-tin is going on really well,” Jon Germain revealed on his Metro TV unplugged show as a way of endorsment.

By far, Jon Germain has been considered a verteran in the entertainment and broadcast industry making his endorsement a major boost to the Mission Statement  hitmaker’s music career in Ghana.

With his distinct fusion of Ga, English and Pidgin lyrics into diverse genres Modulo's style of music could best be described as hip-hop with a dash of hiplife and highlife, blended with a touch of UK grime and grooves, and a dose of pidgin.

Modulo known in real life as  Isaac Okpoti currently has over 6 tracks which are making it big on the airwaves. His Mission Statement track has won him over  5000 hits on the international video site youtub. The sensational musician’s tracks include 'Ga Bwoy, 'Turkey', 'Practice', 'Shut Down', 'Bars for Sale' and 'I'm Gud'

Isaac got his  ‘Modulo’ name  because he was fond of doing his modulo arithmetic project work in the studio, thus the nickname Modulo caught on and that eventually developed into his stage name.

The Vice-Chancellor for the University of Ghana Legon, Professor Ernest Aryeetey has indicated that as part of their 65th anniversary celebrations, the institution will start feeding its students leaving in the various halls.

Prof. Aryeetey said mostly students eat from the ‘bush canteen’ and ‘night market’ where conditions are not favorable, making the management of the institution worried.

He pointed out that management is concerned with the well being of its students; therefore the school as part of their newly planned strategies will rehabilitate all dining halls and provide catering services to all the halls.

Under the new system, Prof. Aryeetey explained that students will be fed two times daily by professional caterers employed by university.

The school will as part of its newly planned strategies, strengthen contact between management and students such that before the commencement of the ‘school feeding program’, students will suggest to the caterers through management the kind of food they would prefer and the ones they do not want.

This will not be the first time the University of Ghana would have embarked on such a program. Under the leadership of the first president of Ghana Dr Kwame Nkrumah, the school started feeding all students on campus. People who benefited from that program have always advocated for its return.

Other Infrastructural Developments to be carried out by the school as part of the anniversary celebrations include the installation of CCTV cameras at examination centers to curb examination malpractices.

Also, to prevent aliens from stealing belongings of students, an electronic access control of the various halls of residence will be implemented. 

Currently the school is running a pilot of the security system at the Commonwealth hall and if it successful, it will be deployed to the other halls.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

International Human Rights activist Anthony Rau has filed a case against John Agyekum Kufuor, Nana Dankwa Akufo-Addo and Gambian President Yaya Jammeh at the International Criminal Court concerning the deaths of some Ghanaians in The Gambia.

Anthony Rau, who is also a Ghanaian born politician in Germany said he has filed a criminal case against the former President Kuffour, then Minister of Foreign Affair Akuffo Addo and Gambian President Yaya Jammeh at the International Criminal Court (ICC) at the Hague over the injustice that  was committed against the Ghanaians and Nigerians who were murdered in Gambia in the year 2005.

“There was an eyewitness who I sought political asylum for in Germany and he tells me that the number of Ghanaians who were murdered by Yaya Jammeh is not 44 or 22 like the then government of Ghana purported. He said in all, the killings involved 72 Ghanaians and 8 Nigerian,” Mr Rau said at a press conference.

According to Mr Rau, former President Kuffour should have ordered his then attorney-general to take immediate legal action against the Gambian president Yaya Jammeh after he told then Foreign Minister Nana Akufo-Addo that he was not ready to hold talks with them. Kufuor and Nana Addo did nothing to prosecute Yaya Jammeh.

“My guy who happens to be an eyewitness has even revealed to me that even the bodies which were presented to the current NDC government for burial were not the rightful bodies. He is also ready to testify at the international court of Justice and also show,” Rau noted.

Mr Rau stated that he has nothing against the New Patriotic Party (NPP), former president Agyekum Kuffour or Nana Akufo-Addo but rather the only thing he was interested in was the truth. 

“This is no propaganda and no politics as well. Kuffour and Nana Addo should have done what I am doing now. I just want the truth to come out and I am going to follow this till justice is served,” the passionate Mr Rau expressed.

He pointed out that it is only in Africa that we sell ourselves short and undervalue our citizens’ right. All of those thing, he prayed, must change.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Ghanaian boxer and musician, Braimah Kamoko, popularly known as Bukom Banku, says he has all his documents ready and waiting to be vetted as Deputy Minister of Sports.

In an exclusive interview, Bukom Banku said on 14th July, 2012, it came to him in a dream that the then Vice President John Dramani Mahama had been elected as president. After telling President Mahama about the dream, the boxer said he was promised a top position in the Sports Ministry. 

“As you can see now I have all my documents ready for vetting. Even if the vetting committee calls me today, today, I’ll go for the vetting. I am ready,” Bukom Banku said.

The sensational boxer called on the President to fulfill the promise he make him a year ago.

“When I told President Mahama about the dream he gave me money and he promised to make me Sports Minister. But now, he has put someone there so I know inside me that he will make me Deputy Minister,” he said.

According to Bukom Banku, he has the skills to become deputy sports minister and would deliver if given the nod.

Bukom Banku also noted that he and President John Mahama were best friends even before he became president.

“It is a good thing John Mahama became president. God Himself ordained him to become president. He knows I have a mental problem but he still likes me so I’m begging him to give me the position so I can help Ghanaian boxers.”

He said arrangement had been made for him to fight on March 30th, stressing that he would not disclose his opponent.

“When everything is ready, I will tell the whole of Ghana who I am going to fight with,”

As it stands now, Elvis Afriyie Ankrah has been nominated to occupy the post.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Ghana captain Asamoah Gyan says his sole focus is simply to see his side advance past the group stages of the Africa Cup of Nations.

After that, he will then start entertaining thoughts of bringing the cup home to Ghana.

Ghana's preparations for the tournament included a 3-0 win over Egypt and a 4-2 win over Tunisia to put them in a good position ahead of their opening match with Congo.

The Group B match takes place in Port Elizabeth at the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium on Sunday.

"The players know that, the people back home know that we are here to play for our country. We know that the other teams are here to play hard for their country," he said.

"As I said earlier we need to get through the group stages before we start thinking about think about winning the cup."

Ghana are aiming to end a 31-year trophy drought, and go into the clash against Congo having won eight of the 14 clashes between the countries.

The two last met in a 2006 World Cup qualifier where both games ended in draws.

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