Friday, February 8, 2013

THE DIRECTOR for the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research - Animal Research Institute (CSIR-ARI), Dr Baba Abdulai Salifu, has cautioned encroachers on a 1335.96 acres property at Katamanso near Accra to relocate for a demolishing exercise to begin.

After battling in court with the squatters for close to seven years, Dr Salifo disclosed at a press conference that the CSIR-ARI suit at the high court has been cleared and judgment given in favour of the council. 

According to him, the council now has the legal backing to demolish all structures numbering over 500 found within the catchment area around Katamanso, off the Dodowa road.

Dr Salifo recounted that some of his staff, in an attempt to stop encroachers from developing their sites, were physically assaulted by the squatters and some other people who claimed to be land guards.

“In June 2006, we acquired an interim injunction from the high court restraining over 178 defendants and their agents from having anything to do with the land. The grant of interim injunction did little to deter the encroachers from developing and even reselling the land. The encroachment rather escalated with instances of insecurity perpetuated against the staff of Institute,” Dr Salifu said.

A tour around the institute’s site revealed that some of the encroachers had destroyed pipelines laid to convey water from the dam to the institute. 

A Nigerian who claimed he bought the dam and lands surrounding it has put up a resort very close to the dam. He has been preventing cattle belonging to the institute from drinking from the dam. 

“This water body needs to be protected from further pollution and we invite the Environmental Protection Agency and Water Commission to come to our assistance,” Dr Salifo lamented.

Fenced land reserved by the institute as pasture and also for agro-forestry research has been heavily encroached with the fences destroyed.

The council warned the general public against purchasing land in surroundings areas noting that; “Unsuspecting members of the public who after this warning still purchase lands on the facility are doing so at their own risk. Those who have already own lands illegally should stop further development and pack off and perhaps get back to those who sold the land to them for their money”

Dr Salifu advised that for every land acquisition process that was carried out Ghana, it was necessary for due diligence to be undertaken before any payment was done. Appropriate permit should be acquired from the appropriate authorities before any development of the land commences.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Deputy Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Ghana Trade Fair Company Limited (GTF), Nana Kwame Ofori-Amanfo, has stated that the company will fall on banks in the country to bail it out of its financial mess if other avenues fail to succeed.

The company recently sent an SOS message to the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning (MOFEP) for assistance.

The company’s accounts have been garnisheed by the courts but its lawyers are currently in court to overturn that ruling, Nana Ofori-Amanfo explained.

“There is a positive response from the MOFEP. Since there is a new Minister, I am sure the ministry is currently working on the budget for Ghana. In the worst scenario, we will fall on the banks to grant us loans so we can clear our debts but the Ministry’s response is a positive one,” Mr Ofori-Amanfo revealed in an interview.

The Deputy CEO pointed out that the even though the company was indebted, it was not highly indebted as portrayed by the media.

“We are indebted but not highly indebted like you people are saying. We still have some money we can use in managing this company,” Mr Ofori-Amanfo said.

At an event to launch the 17th Ghana International Trade Fair yesterday, management of the company said it had invested over GHC250,000 to run promotions, carried  renovation works and put in place reliable security service, amongst others  to ensure that this year’s International Trade Fair, themed: “Trade and Industry, Heralding Ghana’s Economic Growth” becomes a success.

The Deputy CEO hinted that the fair will host over 450 exhibitors from around the world.

He therefore pleaded with the general public to patronize the event just like other entertainment events on Trade Fair grounds.

Noting that there would be numerous foreign exhibitors at this year’s event, he called on local exhibitors to quickly register in order to secure a place.

THE CHAIRMAN of the Lepers Aid Committee, Reverend Father Andrew Campbell has asked Ghanaians to stop discriminating against cured lepers in the country.

Leprosy is facing huge stigmatization in Ghana and Africa, but Rev Campbell said the disease, like any other, can be cured and after it is cured; the person who was infected can go about living life normally.

Rev Campbell disclosed this when he was addressing group of cured lepers during the 60th world leprosy day which was held at Nkanchina Number 2 in the Northern Region.

“People suffering from the disease are discriminated against by their families and society but lepers are human beings and they deserve to be treated as such. In the past, people were banished from their towns because they had leprosy. Even after they are cured, people treat them like they are not human beings,” Father Campbell said.

The world Leprosy Day is celebrated in the last Sunday of January each year in remembrance of the great Mahatma Gandhi who championed a course to eradicate the stigmatization against lepers around the world.

The Lepers’ Aid Committee in collaboration with District Assemblies Common Fund with support from other groups and individuals made numerous donations to cured Lepers at Nkanchina. 

“We want to help you to live, we want to share what we have with you, and we want to make life happier for you. You are important and we will help you at all times,” Rev Campbell said before handing over the items to the cured lepers.

 “After hearing about you, President John Mahama personally gave me 30 bags of rice and 5 gallons of cooking oil to give to you, Domod Aluminum Limited also donated cooking utensils. Member of the Christ the King Catholic Church also gave out several things to be given to you.” 

As at now, the Nkanchina no. 2 leprosarium has 90 inmates therefore the District Assemblies Common Fund has agreed to give fifteen cedis per head per week to help improve the living standard of the cured lepers. They have also pledged to construct concrete structures so the cured lepers can relocate to from their mud houses.

Talk show Mongul and Musician  Jon Germain has endorsed the fast rising Ghaiania hiplife artiste ‘Mudulo The Ga Boy’ as his farvourite rapper in Ghana.

“He is the new kid on the block and months after listeing to his songs, he has become my favourite rapper in Ghana.Super skilled with his words and  how he puts it together, mixing it with the UK-tin and GA-tin is going on really well,” Jon Germain revealed on his Metro TV unplugged show as a way of endorsment.

By far, Jon Germain has been considered a verteran in the entertainment and broadcast industry making his endorsement a major boost to the Mission Statement  hitmaker’s music career in Ghana.

With his distinct fusion of Ga, English and Pidgin lyrics into diverse genres Modulo's style of music could best be described as hip-hop with a dash of hiplife and highlife, blended with a touch of UK grime and grooves, and a dose of pidgin.

Modulo known in real life as  Isaac Okpoti currently has over 6 tracks which are making it big on the airwaves. His Mission Statement track has won him over  5000 hits on the international video site youtub. The sensational musician’s tracks include 'Ga Bwoy, 'Turkey', 'Practice', 'Shut Down', 'Bars for Sale' and 'I'm Gud'

Isaac got his  ‘Modulo’ name  because he was fond of doing his modulo arithmetic project work in the studio, thus the nickname Modulo caught on and that eventually developed into his stage name.

The Vice-Chancellor for the University of Ghana Legon, Professor Ernest Aryeetey has indicated that as part of their 65th anniversary celebrations, the institution will start feeding its students leaving in the various halls.

Prof. Aryeetey said mostly students eat from the ‘bush canteen’ and ‘night market’ where conditions are not favorable, making the management of the institution worried.

He pointed out that management is concerned with the well being of its students; therefore the school as part of their newly planned strategies will rehabilitate all dining halls and provide catering services to all the halls.

Under the new system, Prof. Aryeetey explained that students will be fed two times daily by professional caterers employed by university.

The school will as part of its newly planned strategies, strengthen contact between management and students such that before the commencement of the ‘school feeding program’, students will suggest to the caterers through management the kind of food they would prefer and the ones they do not want.

This will not be the first time the University of Ghana would have embarked on such a program. Under the leadership of the first president of Ghana Dr Kwame Nkrumah, the school started feeding all students on campus. People who benefited from that program have always advocated for its return.

Other Infrastructural Developments to be carried out by the school as part of the anniversary celebrations include the installation of CCTV cameras at examination centers to curb examination malpractices.

Also, to prevent aliens from stealing belongings of students, an electronic access control of the various halls of residence will be implemented. 

Currently the school is running a pilot of the security system at the Commonwealth hall and if it successful, it will be deployed to the other halls.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

International Human Rights activist Anthony Rau has filed a case against John Agyekum Kufuor, Nana Dankwa Akufo-Addo and Gambian President Yaya Jammeh at the International Criminal Court concerning the deaths of some Ghanaians in The Gambia.

Anthony Rau, who is also a Ghanaian born politician in Germany said he has filed a criminal case against the former President Kuffour, then Minister of Foreign Affair Akuffo Addo and Gambian President Yaya Jammeh at the International Criminal Court (ICC) at the Hague over the injustice that  was committed against the Ghanaians and Nigerians who were murdered in Gambia in the year 2005.

“There was an eyewitness who I sought political asylum for in Germany and he tells me that the number of Ghanaians who were murdered by Yaya Jammeh is not 44 or 22 like the then government of Ghana purported. He said in all, the killings involved 72 Ghanaians and 8 Nigerian,” Mr Rau said at a press conference.

According to Mr Rau, former President Kuffour should have ordered his then attorney-general to take immediate legal action against the Gambian president Yaya Jammeh after he told then Foreign Minister Nana Akufo-Addo that he was not ready to hold talks with them. Kufuor and Nana Addo did nothing to prosecute Yaya Jammeh.

“My guy who happens to be an eyewitness has even revealed to me that even the bodies which were presented to the current NDC government for burial were not the rightful bodies. He is also ready to testify at the international court of Justice and also show,” Rau noted.

Mr Rau stated that he has nothing against the New Patriotic Party (NPP), former president Agyekum Kuffour or Nana Akufo-Addo but rather the only thing he was interested in was the truth. 

“This is no propaganda and no politics as well. Kuffour and Nana Addo should have done what I am doing now. I just want the truth to come out and I am going to follow this till justice is served,” the passionate Mr Rau expressed.

He pointed out that it is only in Africa that we sell ourselves short and undervalue our citizens’ right. All of those thing, he prayed, must change.

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