Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Vice-Chancellor for the University of Ghana Legon, Professor Ernest Aryeetey has indicated that as part of their 65th anniversary celebrations, the institution will start feeding its students leaving in the various halls.

Prof. Aryeetey said mostly students eat from the ‘bush canteen’ and ‘night market’ where conditions are not favorable, making the management of the institution worried.

He pointed out that management is concerned with the well being of its students; therefore the school as part of their newly planned strategies will rehabilitate all dining halls and provide catering services to all the halls.

Under the new system, Prof. Aryeetey explained that students will be fed two times daily by professional caterers employed by university.

The school will as part of its newly planned strategies, strengthen contact between management and students such that before the commencement of the ‘school feeding program’, students will suggest to the caterers through management the kind of food they would prefer and the ones they do not want.

This will not be the first time the University of Ghana would have embarked on such a program. Under the leadership of the first president of Ghana Dr Kwame Nkrumah, the school started feeding all students on campus. People who benefited from that program have always advocated for its return.

Other Infrastructural Developments to be carried out by the school as part of the anniversary celebrations include the installation of CCTV cameras at examination centers to curb examination malpractices.

Also, to prevent aliens from stealing belongings of students, an electronic access control of the various halls of residence will be implemented. 

Currently the school is running a pilot of the security system at the Commonwealth hall and if it successful, it will be deployed to the other halls.


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