Monday, March 18, 2013

Musician Wanlov the Kubolor never ceases to amaze; he walks about wearing a skirt with no underwear and no footwear.
Kubolor has told  Nii Ogbamey Tetteh that he would have loved to be turned into a homosexual just so he could have a romantic date with Ghana’s reggae artiste of the year, Blakk Rasta.
“For Vals Day, God should turn me into a gay so that I can go on a romantic date with Blakk Rasta, listening to the instrumentals of the D-Black’s Vera,” Wanlov told the  reporter.
“I want this wish because I want Blakk Rasta to know that gays are cool and not people who are out to rape you or anything,” he said, adding, “I only want to be gay and achieve that dream with Blakk Rasta and no one.  After the date, then I will want God to make me straight again.”
It is shocking that Wanlov would want to express such thoughts in a country where homosexual relationships are considered both an abomination and a crime.
He however explained that the reason behind this wish was because the ‘conscious’ Blakk Rasta had been ‘bashing’ gays and lesbians in the world, quoting him, “I’m am allergic to pro-gay people.”
But Blakk, in response, told the paper he was not interested in dating a gay because his ‘Rastafarianism’ frowned on such acts.
“Kubolor’s sister, Deborah Vanessa, said on 4syte TV last time that she was dying to date me; why won’t I do her for Valentine instead of the brother?
“I am a Rastaman and we do not take gay relationships lightly.
It is not as if we do not know that gays have their basic human rights but we do not support what they do, as in having sexual intercourse with a person of same sex.


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