Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Praye Honeho, leader of popular music duo, Praye, on Saturday turned down an interview attempt by Peace 104.3 FM, snubbed the station’s presenter who tried to interview him and slammed the phone on him during a live radio programme.

The musician, before slamming the phone, ordered the host, Akwasi Aboagye, on his award winning Entertainment Review show to first play the group’s two newly released singles before calling him back for any interview.

The incident took listeners, the host, his producer and panel members in the studio by surprise but they were in for a greater shock when the musician went ahead and put off his phone when the station tried calling him back.

Praye Honeho’s behaviour was rather surprising because Peace FM had played a pivotal role in making the group popular. The station’s morning show host, Kwame Sefa Kayi was instrumental in using his ‘Kokorkoo’ morning show to popularise Praye’s songs by playing them on every single edition of his show for several months unending.

Speaking on the station’s Entertainment Review on Saturday, leader of group Eugene Baah stated categorically that he was not ready to speak to anyone from the said station until he heard their new singles being played by the station.

Akwasi Aboagye, host of the show, who was seeking to clarify rumours that the music group, made up of Praye Tiatia-Big J and Praye Honeho-Eugene Baah, was on the verge of splitting because Praye Honeho believed Big J’s sweetheart, Selly, and her behaviour at the Big Brother Africa reality show, had brought shame and disrepute on the Praye brand, was however greeted with a sharp pinch.

“By your God’s grace and your insults I’m fine. Three weeks ago, we dropped some two singles- Forever Gone and Assemblyman-, let your producer find those two songs and play them right now. When you finish playing them, you can call me back,” Praye Honeho told Akwesi Aboagye before dropping the call.

But Eugene Sarfo Nkansah, producer of the show quickly noted on the show that the singles which Praye Honeho was talking about, were nowhere to be found; meaning the group had not even dropped their CD with Peace FM.

Even though some sympathizers of the group have, in their defence, stated that perhaps Praye Honeho was not in the right frame of mind, resulting in his rudeness on radio, others also believed that it was a deliberate act to get the station to play the group’s songs on air.

By Nii Ogbamey Tetteh


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