Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Doreen Andoh
Doreen Andoh, ace Broadcaster and host of Joy Fm’s Cosmopolitan Mix, on the eve of April 1 (April Fools’ Day), pulled a prank on her listeners about her resignation.

The shocking news of Doreen’s resignation quickly went viral on social media and other media outlets, as she announced that her last show would be on 1st April. 

Listeners who were expecting her last appearance on radio yesterday were simply relieved when she announced on her mid morning show that her resignation was an “April Fools” day prank. 

Indeed, the announced resignation of the radio host who has developed something akin to a cult following had her listeners totally fooled, including personalities high up the social ladder.

Hardly had any of these listeners kept tabs on the fact that it has become an annual tradition for Joy FM to pull off a wild joke on its listeners on April fool’s day.

“We were totally had,” one excited listener told News One on Tuesday.

On Tuesday, the premises of Joy Fm were reportedly overwhelmed with listeners and well-wishers on Tuesday. The crowd was at the radio station to bid Doreen farewell, only to be told by a clearly amused Doreen that they had been fan-fooled.

Doreen Andoh joins host of other Ghanaian media personnel who have succeeded in pulling off high-profile pranks on the general public with their well planned ‘April Fools’ jokes. The late Komla Dumor –during his days at Joy Fm- pulled a well orchestrated April 1 prank on his listeners when he told them that he was getting married on that date.

Doreen has been hosting the Cosmopolitan Mix for almost 19 years. Her style and voice on air has won her massive following on radio and a potential exit would have been very hard to stomach by her listeners.

Doreen had a rather interesting path to radio; she had planned to being a Pharmacist, but a protracted strike by lecturers in the University in the early 90s meant the silky-voiced radio host would stumble into a radio station (Joy FM) and would be an instant hit with producers. The award-winning broadcaster has been considered by some veterans’ in the industry as ‘a rare talent with the mastery of charming her listeners’.

Miss Adoh will continue to host Cosmopolitan Mix on Joy Fm until further notice, New One has can confirm. Perhaps the sighs and tears which were said on her behalf was a perfect way to reassure her of her importance to radio listeners.

April Fools ’ Day which is also called ‘All Fools’ Day’ has gradually become part of the Ghanaian psyche as both Corporates and individuals hatch grand conspiracies to pull off the perfect prank.

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