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Chase Forever, born Fianko Bossman, is an award winning recording artiste and songwriter.

He was born in Hackney Town, London, and partly grew up in Ghana. He grew up listening to the likes of Michael Jackson, Luther Vandross, Paul Simon, Milli Vanilli, Usher, Bobby Brown and Boyz2Men, to name a few.

At age ten, Chase had already started writing song verses and performing. He participated in every talent show organised by his school.

Chase spoke with NEWS-ONE’s Francis Addo over the weekend in an interview that touched on industry issues, his Unappreciated album, the relationship among Ghanaian artistes and his thoughts on the Nigerian music industry.

What have you been up to?
Well after the album I’m just looking to expand the brand, do more tours and focus on building an empire, LFO Group worldwide, which will be a group of different talents family and songwriters and composers. My ‘Fire’ video is also ready so I’m looking for the appropriate time to drop it.

What is LFO?
Loyal Friends Only.

How is your new album, Unappreciated, doing so far?
Well, yeah we’ve actually run out and reprinting more for sale.  The people who have listened have had great reviews and remarkable comments about the album.

Wow! So how many copies have you sold so far?
On the day of the launch we sold close to GH¢50,000 that night.

Why did you title the album ‘Unappreciated’?
Well it’s a phase I went through. I work hard a lot to put out the end product for people to hear. I think I kind of expect more than the attention I received but that’s just me being over the top with my feelings I guess.  It applies to my past relationships and all; you know I always put my ‘A game’ into whatever I’m doing. So I kind of always expect more. Unappreciated spoke my falling out with the people I have love for. You know it’s kind of still ongoing but I’m learning the game fast now.
Some think you feel the industry does not appreciate you.
The industry flushes out artistes every day. You know I’ve been relevant since I took off and I appreciate that. What I don’t appreciate is the way we gravitate to everything that comes from outside. I feel like even we the artistes do a lot of “ass kissing.”

What do you mean by that?
Say I have an album out, how many artistes did you see post that to promote it? We don’t even support each other, to begin with.

Ghanaian musicians are not united?
Yeah, then we turn around and complain the foreigners (Africans) are more successful—Nigerians, etc.

Why do you think Ghanaians gravitate to anything foreign?
It’s pretty a generational thing. But we misuse that feature. We are warm-hearted people.  How do we solve it, if we can’t love ourselves? Who would love us? It’s a big problem. And honestly as artistes some of us have a lot of work to do.
How did Chase end up in music?
Passion brought me here. I love music so much I overlooked a lot of other opportunities to forgo my dream. I mean if we are living to die why not live being happy.

How did it all start?
I started as a rapper. I was in a rap group called Soljas Inn. We used to ‘battle’ rappers and ‘kill’ them for real. It was me, Treasure, Bils Rayoe and X.

Treasure is still around, how about the rest?
Bils Rayoe is in the States. X found God and got married. I’m still doing my thing.

How did you break onto the limelight?
I think my songwriting made me popular. At the time I wanted to start song writing, there was an artiste in Richie’s camp called Salimi. So I wrote a song for her, then when I went to Richie to sing it for him to give the girl, he was like why don’t you do this yourself? So then I started to record. Some songs leaked and got me popular. Then I left Lynx Entertainment and dropped ‘Tell Me Your Name’featuring Paedae. God was just good because I didn’t even have a marketing plan for the song. It just took off. Then when the video dropped it went extra. Shouts out to Nana Asihene.

What will you describe as your biggest achievement in the industry so far?
Well dropping my album meant a lot to me. My Channel O nod was also a great feeling. But there’s more to come.

Who do you see as competition in the industry?
Well nobody and I say this out of respect and sincerity. My style is different…

Who is Chase?
He is Forever. Whatever lingers in your mind too long trickles down to your heart eventually. My music that.

Which part of Ghana are you from?

What is your education background?
I was at Aggrey Memorial for a year then left to Pope Johns. After, I went to Central University and years down the line here I am.

Any massage for the people who follow you?
Stay true to yourself and address your fears at all times.  That’s all I want to tell the people.

By Francis Addo (Twitter: @fdee50    Email:


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