Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Yvonne Nelson and Ice Prince

Just as dust is about to settle on the controversy generated by the ‘gone bad’ love relationship between Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson and Nigerian musician Iyanya, another Nigerian act, Ice Prince Zamani, has revealed that he also dated the sexy actress but their relationship just did not work out.

It is not clear why Ice Prince of ‘Oleku’ fame is making the revelation at this time but he told Olisa Adibua, host of ‘The Truth’, why he parted ways with Yvonne.

“It [the relationship] just did not work. She is a very very busy person. She was way busier than I was at the time. I am a very busy person as well; I am never around and we don’t get to chill as much. That just kind of created space and over time, it just went its way… We are cool. Yvonne is still Yvonne Nelson. She is still very sweet and we still keep in touch when we can. Not every day, not every month, not every week, but we talk,” Ice Prince revealed.

The musician said he has tried several relationships that did not work out well and after his relationship with Yvonne Nelson hit the rocks, he dated yet another Yvonne but that one too did not work out for same reasons.

“She [the other Yvonne] was very busy as well and it just did not work. But they are very very cool people in my life and we still talk. I was in the club with the other Yvonne the other day and we were nice. They are still good people. Very, very good people. What man proposes, God disposes. It just did not work out,” he added.

During the interview, Ice Prince disclosed that he has a son but is not planning on settling down with a wife anytime soon.

I have a son who is two. I am not planning on getting married now but I intend to get married someday and raise a family. But I have not proposed to anybody,” he said.

On the question of how he deals with his female fans, Ice Prince explained: “I don’t have time for that.  I really really don’t have time for that. Every day when I wake up, especially when I am in Lagos, the first thing I do when I wake up, the first thing on my mind is to go downstairs to my studio to make music. I have a lot of features to record. I have a lot of stuffs to record so to be honest, I pay no attention to female fans and all that. I ignore whatsapp and all that.”

Yvonne Nelson is yet to respond to the disclosure by Ice Prince. It is also not certain who she is dating now or whether she is even in a relationship.

Source: NEWS-ONE


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