Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Elmina Castle
Ghana has ranked the 11th most attractive tourist destination in Africa, according to a recent survey by Bloom Consulting Country Brand Ranking for Trade and Tourism.

The country, known to tourists as the ‘gateway to Africa’, ranked 9th in the 2013 survey but has dropped two places in the 2014 survey.

In all, some 37 African countries were surveyed and the 10 countries ahead of Ghana were Egypt, Morocco, Kenya, United Republic of Tanzania, Mauritius, Tunisia, Uganda, Ethiopia and Namibia, with South Africa topping the list.

Independence Arch
Bloom Consulting defines six different Country, Region and City (CRC) Branding objectives or dimensions, namely, attraction of investment (trade), attraction of tourism, attraction of talent, strengthening national pride (increase of national pride), strengthening public diplomacy and  strengthening exports (increase of exports).

Umbrella Rock, Boti Fall
The survey was based on some indicators like the economic performance, digital demand, online performance and the country brand strategy (CBS) rating of the countries among others.

“I hope that Bloom Consulting’s Country Brand Ranking © 2014 / 2015 Tourism Edition provides you with valuable information. I encourage you to use it as evidence of the impact a strong Country Brand can have on the economic performance of a national tourism industry,” José Filipe Torres, Chief Executive of Bloom Consulting, stated in a letter available to Nii Ogbamey Tetteh


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