Tuesday, June 2, 2015

CARTEL’s behind the scene
A 74-second trailer of Cartel: The Genesis, a yet to be released Ghanaian action movie on narcotics, has become the latest sensation and talk among the country’s film industry players and enthusiasts.

The trailer, currently on YouTube, is spreading fast on social media. It centres on a Narcotics Investigative Unit agent (Adjetey Anang) trained regularly by the Drug Enforcement Administration of the United States.

On the agent’s return from one of such trainings, he is met with a case of a lady arrested for drug trafficking. With his past experience with drugs and how it once led to his brother’s untimely death, he is motivated to hunt and bring to justice all persons involved in the importation/exportation and distribution of illegal drugs and to prevent a recurrence of what happened to his brother.

The movie’s executive producer and script writer, Dayan Fields, told NEWS-ONE the movie is the first of a four-part sequel which probes the real issues of illegal drugs in Ghana.

“I wanted to do a real story based on real events with names of persons involved in narcotics and places and times but I realised it was very sensitive and even risky so I had to do it in the form of a fictional story. I spoke to the Ghana Police and they helped me with props and security equipment. They read the script and felt it was good to be told, though they were uncomfortable with the corruption angle I added,” Dayan explained, adding, “Later, I also spoke to the Narcotics Control Board and they are also okay and have made some additions to the sequel.”

CARTEL’s behind the scene
He continued: “The first story looks at the layers in the narcotics industry and the various factors and mysteries in the distribution and circulation process. The person who brings it in does not know who would pick it up, the one who would pick it up does not know who would package it, and the one who would package it does not know who would distribute it. It deals with the secrecy and tight-lipped nature of the narcotics world. This story was not written out of the blue but based on an in-depth research work.”

Dayan added, “Cartel: The Genesis is an action movie which had a professional stun director, Kofi Adjei-Marfo, taking the cast through months of training and rehearsals.

“It has a sequence of actions tailored in a manner that arouses the audience. We have hand-to-hand combat scenes where you have Joselyn Dumas kicking some ass and Adjetey Anang giving some hard punches, and full gun fire battles,” he added.

The movie premieres in the third week of June and was directed by Pascal Amanfo.

Source: News One


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