Wednesday, December 23, 2015

      Nana Kwame.O Fordjour
Prophesying, the act of foretelling future occurrences through “spiritual vision”, has become a widely accepted form of spiritual guidance in Ghana and several parts of the world. Some individuals consult Prophets, Mallams, Fetish priests and other spiritual figures, in an attempt to seek direction for their future endeavors or prior to making crucial decisions at any point in time. 

New Year’s Eve, is a symbolic day in the calendar year for many. It’s a period where resolutions are made, prophetic declarations are said` and predictions/projections are made into the New Year. Most churches announce their themes for the year on this day. Churches mostly need extra seats and space for 31st nights because it’s a day where all Christians including “backslidden” ones, busy ones as they may call themselves…etc make it to church and try to make peace with the Creator prior to the brand new year.

Not too long ago, specifically on New Year’s Eve 2011, some popular men of God gave categorical prophecies about the outcome of the 2012 general elections. Notably amongst them was Rev. Owusu Bempah, who claimed the flag-bearer of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, would win the elections but would not be sworn-in as President of Ghana. A prophesy many believe was fulfilled based on the unprecedented controversies surrounding the 2012 election results.

Prophet T.B Joshua, has been credited with prophesying about the late President of Ghana, His Excellency J.E.A Mills’ victory after his third attempt. In another publication by Pleasure Magazine (PM), the Nigerian Prophet was quoted as predicting a second round in the 2012 elections, “The election you are talking about, I am seeing it being decided on the second attempt” he said according to the PM. Even though Prophet T.B Joshua refuted the PM’s claim in a strong worded rebuttal on his official Facebook page, many still believe the PM couldn’t have concocted such a story. 

Ghanaians appetite for election related prophesies were highlighted before and during the election petition in 2013. Even a couple of years prior to the 2016 election, spiritual leaders joined the bandwagon of prophesies about the 2016 elections. The General Overseer of Word Victory Chapel International, Prophet Doctor Emmanuel Enim predicted Nana Akufo Addo’s victory in the 2014 NPP presidential primaries, however he predicted President John Dramani Mahama will be re-elected in the upcoming 2016 election.

So what should Ghanaians expect from Prophets and spiritual leaders on 31st December, 2015? Many Ghanaians are anxiously awaiting prophecies for the upcoming 2016 election. In the build up to the election 2016, social media fanatics have already started whetting the appetites of people. A recent rumor trending on Facebook is that Rev Owusu Bempah has predicted Dr. Paa Kwesi Nduom’s victory in the 2016 election. The rumor generated hundreds of comments and shares on Facebook, which demonstrates the anxiety some sections of the Ghanaian populace have towards political prophecies in a season like this.

31st Night is just some few days away, and many are wondering whether or not these prominent men of God, noted for their election prophecies, will make categorical statements about the 2016 elections on the eve of an election year. Some believe they will tread cautiously, taking into consideration the repercussions of whatever prophecies they will declare on their integrity as genuine men of God.

I expect nothing short of mind-blowing prophecies on 31st night. At the end of the day all these prophecies would be taken with wisdom and maximum discernment.

By Nana Kwame.O Fordjour/ PR and Communication Expert / Political Analyst


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