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A new version of your favorite game has been released, but does your computer show a slide show instead of an exciting experience? You need to deal with professional graphics software, but does the machine's slowness make you less productive? So it's time to update your video card. In this article, you will know 3 factors that should be taken into consideration when choosing a new graphics card.


In most cases, the middle line - that is, graphics cards in the range of $ 800.00 - are more than enough for the average consumer. With them, you can play  most current games on your PC in a good configuration, and you can improve the performance of software such as Photoshop. Our indication today for video card for gaming is the GTX 1050 4GB IT, a video card that has a great cost benefit and already allows to run almost all games.

But if you're keen to play the latest games in full quality games, a high-end video card is the best option. The extra expense may startle at first glance, but it is largely offset by the longevity of the hardware, which often outgrows the cycle of the most modern video game consoles.
Now if you are a professional who needs to deal with heavy graphics software such as AutoCAD, Revit, Solidworks, After Effects and many others, the best choice is undoubtedly the video cards of the Quadro line from Nvidia. Developed in conjunction with the world's largest software companies, they deliver superior performance, high accuracy and durability.


Currently, the companies that dominate the market for graphics cards are AMD and Nvidia. Both produce good options for both work and fun purposes - and the choice of the brand does not make so much difference if the models are equivalent.

Of all the elements that configure a graphics card, what you should take into account is the number of processing cores (CUDA Cores in the case of Nvidia or Stream Processors in AMD models).
The more  RAM your video card has, the more data and textures will be processed by the graphics chip. However, be aware of factors such as  - 256-bit interfaces outweigh 128-bit interfaces - and the RAM type - DDR3 models have lower performance than GDDR5.

Do not be fooled by older video cards, always strive to acquire a state-of-the-art model, many companies still advertise old boards with a high bandwidth (128, 256, 384 bits) as if they were still powerful.

Also note the differences in hardware between Quadro and Geforce video cards, often frames have a lower number of cuda colors compared to Geforce video cards.

But that's not to say that professional boards have poor performance, as their drivers are optimized for professional applications such as AutoCAD, Revit, SolidWorks (among many other software), it can deliver far superior performance with lower hardware, allowing -to be more warm up less and be more stable.

In some software, such as the Siemens NX, a 2GB P600 Quadro can deliver 3x performance over an 11GB Geforce GTX 1080 video card, so it's always good to check which video card is recommended by the software manufacturer or ask for help from our experts to help you choose the best option. Already software with Lumion, which has a game graphics engine, has superior performance with a Geforce GTX 1070 TI compared to a P4000 Quadro.

Finally, note the outputs that the card offers to connect the computer to an external monitor. Most current models have HDMI and DVI connections, but some already offer DisplayPort and Mini DisplayPort output. Escape models that offer only the old VGA output: the technology is already outdated and transmits only the analogue image, with a considerable quality loss in the image.


Any video card may have compatibility issues, especially if your machine is older. Common problems include such things as the power supply and the size of the board itself - it may not even fit in your cabinet.

Overall, intermediate video cards of the moment require a PCI Express x16 slot, and you'll have to measure the distance from that slot to any component that might interfere with your graphics card. So check the GPU dimensions, which can be checked on the manufacturer's website, and make sure you have a little extra space around.

Also check if the board will need an external power supply. Some low-cost boards get enough power from the PCI port on your motherboard, while others require you to connect to the power supply of the machine. If you need to use more power, your source will need to use the proper cables or you will have to find an adapter.

Finally, make sure that there is enough power to maintain good computer performance . Depending on your choice, you may need to replace your power supply with a more powerful one.


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